My grandfather loved gardening and he passed it down to my mother and then she passed it down to me. In the past we have always had a large backyard that was established with mature trees.  At this home, we have taken raw land with not too many trees due to a forest fire and had to add every garden bed, trellis, tree, flower, etc.  The problem we have run up against is the wildlife because we back onto a 27,000 acre park.  It is filled with wildlife such as bear, cougar, deer, elk, coyotes, lynx, bobcat, grouse, marmots and chipmunks.  All of these animals have slowed my progress of developing the land because we have to fully secure the area with fencing that no animal can jump over or any animal can dig under.  So for the very first time, I am working with small spaces because we just cannot afford to fence large areas.  Today, I am going to share my own small garden and what I have found to be 19 of the best garden decor ideas for a small space.

#1 – Unique planters

Anyone can buy a pot of some sort at the garden center but if you want to have a really unique garden start looking for things you wouldn’t usually plant.  My most unique planter is a chicken feeder.  I know that sounds crazy but it had ample spaces that I could plant and I could hang it or set it on a table or on the ground.  If you want to see how I did it, just click this link.

Chicken feeder planter in a wicker chair is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

Another favorite of mine is a wall urn that was just supposed to hang inside your home on the wall, just as art, not planted with flowers.  Using it like you would a moss planter (ie providing a layer of moss under the wire form) I was able to create a wonderful wall planter. I also have a post with all the instructions here at this link.

Wall planter mid season with plants filling in hung on solid rock wall is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

The favorite of everyone who comes to my house is my garden bike that actually came with 3 baskets that I thought were perfect for planting.

Blue metal bike with flowers planted in front and back baskets with a straw hat is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

My garden cart wasn’t meant to be planted, but I added a wire crisscrossed based, lined it with coconut coir and moss and planted it up.  It looks fabulous! 

Garden cart with white and purple flowers is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

The first two of these planters would work in a small space.  The bike would probably be something you could have at your front door.  While my garden cart is fairly big it could still fit in a small space or you could find a smaller version.

#2 – Lighting

Lighting can change the whole feel of a garden and can make it more useable because you can enjoy it in the evening.  

String lights over garden with a greenhouse is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

There are so many options such as outdoor string lights across a whole area, small fairy lights in small trees or in a fairy garden, solar lights that look like fireflies or an old chandelier with candles hanging from branch. Even bring some indoor candleholders outside and set them up to create romantic or cozy little settings.

Mason jar solar lights hanging on a picket fence is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space
Crescent moon solar lights is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

#3 – Arbor

An arbor is a great way to add height and a focal point to your garden.  The options for arbors are almost endless because you can play with materials (twig, pvc, metal, wood, etc) and the shape (from a simple arch to an elaborate work of art).  The next step is then decorating the arbor and that can be with planting a vine to grow over it, hanging a sign from it, wrapping it in lights or hanging little decorations.  Once again, due to the variety available you should be able to find one that is of an appropriate size for your space.

Arbour with sunset in back ground

#4 – Gate

A gate is one of my favorite things to add to a garden.  It defines the space and sets the tone for what is to come.  Once again, you can play with so many different materials to make a gate.  My favorite gate is our wrought iron vintage pieces of fencing that my husband turned upright and made into a gate.  I found these fencing pieces at an estate sale.  The owner didn’t even know they were there but I walked around the yard and found several pieces of iron fencing that had been overgrown with weeds and grass.  So always be on the lookout!  You never know what you will find.

Iron vintage gates in white arbour with fountain in back ground

If you are wondering what we were all decorated up for in the above photo, it was a Diner en blanc and I have a post on how to host a most fabulous dinner party in an unusual place! Just click this link.

#5 – Picket fencing

Another way to define the area of the garden and bring character is to add picket fencing to the perimeter.  It adds such old-fashioned charm and immediately tells the viewer that they are in for something special.  We used picket fencing in a swooping pattern around our greenhouse and it is perfect.

White picket fence surrounding greenhouse is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

#6 – Trellis

A trellis is the perfect way to bring privacy to your space.  It can also be a way to keep animals that can jump high out of your garden.  We used a mix of a six foot high trellis along with a picket fence to secure our garden.  The trellis was in the areas that the deer had a flat runway to be able to jump.  The picket fence is in areas on top of a retaining wall which was already 4 to 5 feet high so it would be impossible for the deer to jump over it here.  I love using a trellis because it also allows me to grow flowering vines on it.

White trellis with arbour and gate is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

​It can also add privacy to your space while still retaining a garden feel.

#7 – Cutting flower garden

Even if you have a tiny garden, try to incorporate a planter filled with flowers that you can cut and bring inside.  In the past, I had a hard time cutting flowers because I felt like I cut their life short.  Then I learned about some flowers like cosmos, asters, dahlias, snapdragons, etc. that actually will have more blooms if you cut the ones that are blooming.  Most of these flowers are easy to grow from seed so they are an easy way and an inexpensive way to bring color to your garden space.

White and pink cosmos is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

#8 – Concrete decorations

Concrete garden decor is a great option for decorating your outdoor area.  Why I love concrete decorations is that I love how they age.  They get an old world patina and it makes you feel like it has a past – it has been around a long time and has a story to tell.  My all time favorite concrete piece is a pair of birds entwined.  I gave this piece to my parents-in-law for their anniversary and I also got one for my husband and I.  I have hauled them from home to home and never tire of them.  

Concrete love birds in front of a vase of pink flowers with a lake in the back ground

Another piece is this reclining angel that I tuck under shrubs for a small element of surprise.  

Concrete angel laying in front of a basket of purple petunias and bacopa

Both of these can fit into the tiniest of spaces and because they are very heavy they are also good in windy locations!

#9 – Pretty signs

Pretty signs are something you can add to bring visual interest to even the smallest space.  Look at this little sign I got my mom for her birthday.  

Small garden sign that says "There is so much hope in a little flower" is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

You can hang signs from gates, the top of an arbor, on the door or side of shed, staked in the ground, etc.  Make sure they have a message you love.  One that makes you smile and reconnect with your garden.  Here are a bunch of my favorite signs I have hanging in our garden.

Flower market sign on shed door is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

#10 – Wreath or wreath alternative

Wreaths hanging on a fence, gate or door are so inviting and cheerful.  They are such a wonderful way to great your family and guests.  

Wreath on garden gate

I like to change it up though and add things that I call “wreath alternatives”.  These are basically anything that could hang where a wreath would but are made of unique items.  For example, I made this little wooden purse into a cute wreath alternative by painting it in spring time fresh colors and then stuffed it with faux flowers.  A pretty strap to hang it from and voila, a perfect wreath alternative.  Click here for all the instructions.

Spring wreath alternative made from a purse, stuffed with faux roses hanging on French door with a sunset behind and lakeview

#11 – Outdoor dining table

An outdoor dining area is a must for every garden or outdoor space.  You could use a small bistro set for two or a picnic table depending on the size of your area.  You will be amazed that once you have an area to sit and eat at, that you will enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in this area.  It will be the perfect spot to enjoy a refreshment, snack or dessert!

Outdoor dining in a greenhouse with a lakeview in the background and a sunset

#12 – Seating area

Always make sure to have some seating in your garden.  After all the effort you have put into the garden, you need to have somewhere to sit and enjoy the beauty.  This will be a great place to visit with a friend, read a book or just regenerate your soul.

Outdoor seating area in a garden.  Black bistro set with white cushion.

The choices are endless of what you can incorporate into your garden such as an old wicker set, bright bistro sets of chairs, Adirondack chairs, loungers, a chaise lounge, etc.  Make it your own by finding some old chairs and painting them in the perfect color(s) to match your flowers and the rest of your decor and home.

#13 – Workspace

Adding a workspace to your garden is one of the best ideas and you will be amazed at how much you use it.  A potting bench will save your back and will provide a space to store all of your tools.  

Usually I have a lovely potting bench but Bentley has been too busy to build me one so I am using an old wine rack that we had.  It is so functional.  The areas that were supposed to hold wine glasses are now tool holders.  The shelves hold pots, planters, bags of soil, fertilizers, etc.  The areas for wine bottles are perfect for holding my pruners and gloves.  

I also love to plan my garden right from my greenhouse. Here is a photo with all my flower books and a planner getting ready for the next summer season.

Flower books open with baskets of white flowers and a lake view in the distance

#14 – Small greenhouse, cold frame or cloche

Depending on the size of your yard, having a place to start plants out early is a great asset.  I have a greenhouse made of old windows I found at estate and garage sales.

Greenhouse with blue door with arbour in background and lake and lots of flowers is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

If you don’t have room or the budget for that, cold frames and cloches are a great alternative.  You can also make a cold frame out of old windows which will have so much character.

#15 – Water features

Water features are one of the easiest ways to bring tranquillity to a garden.  You could opt for a table top water feature or have a full water feature built into the area.  Let your personal style dictate what you use.  There are so many available at garden centers or online so I am sure you will find something that is a perfect addition to your garden.   

Japanese water feature is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

#16 – Vertical gardens

If your space is really small, consider creating vertical gardens.  I found these great felt vertical garden pouches that I cannot wait to plant up with beautiful flowers.  

Green felt vertical planter with plants inserted is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

#17 – Wind chimes

Wind chimes are a perfect way to add sound to your home garden.  I would suggest doing some homework prior to investing in a wind chime because you do not want one that is irritating to you or your neighbours.  There are tuned wind chimes that sound amazing and are so relaxing.

Pink bird wind chime with greenhouse in background

#18 – Fire pit

A fire pit is a great addition to a small space and a perfect way to extend the time you can spend in your garden.  On a chilly night, just turn the fire pit on and enjoy the crispness of the air without freezing.

We enjoy ours even during the winter. Here is a picture of my family around our fire pit at Christmas.

Family around fire at night with greenhouse in background with Christmas lights and snow on the ground

#19 – Fairy gardens

While last, fairy gardens are not the least and are definitely one of the best garden decor ideas for a small space. Perhaps you have the smallest of small gardens and just have a small balcony.  A fairy garden could be the best way to share your unique style in a small space.  You can set a fairy garden up in something as small as a dough bowl as I did.  Click here for all the details.  You could also have fairy garden elements spaced around your garden to look like the fairies live here and there.  These decorative objects can bring you so much pleasure to set out and reconfigure each season.  They are an exceptionally good use of a small space, especially one that you want to add your own special touch to.

Fairy garden is one of my 19 best garden decor ideas for a small space

So what did you think of my suggestions for garden decor ideas for a small space?

I hope you have enjoyed this post about the best garden decor ideas for a small space!!!  The key is always to plan first.  Draw out a measured diagram of the space.  Add in the furniture, flower beds, and walkways to scale.  Consider the color palette of your furniture and decor and then choose flowers and plants that will complement them.  Consider what you want the look of your garden to be – is it modern, country, Tuscan, etc. and then pick pieces that will bring the whole look together.  Study garden decor trends and see if you can incorporate something new into your outdoor decorating. 

Planning and planting a garden can be hard work but you will never regret it and it will bring you years of enjoyment!

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  • Cara
    May 17, 2023

    Crystal, I fell in love with your greenhouse! It is so beautiful. I wish we had the space for something like this in our yard. I enjoyed reading all of your suggestions and ideas, the wrought iron was an amazing find. I never seem to have much luck with estate sales in our area, but maybe I should give them another try to see what I can find. Statuary is my favorite in the garden, the more worn and tired they seem, the more I love them. Thank you for a lovely visit and hopping with you today.

    • Crystal
      May 17, 2023

      Thank you so very much! It sounds like we have a lot in common :). I hope you have better luck with the estate sales. So happy to hop along with you!

  • Cindy
    May 17, 2023

    Crystal, your tips and ideas are fabulous! I love everything you’ve done in and around your garden! Do you have a tutorial for the greenhouse you made from old windows? That Okanagan lake view is just the icing on the cake!!! So peaceful and tranquil.

    • Crystal
      May 17, 2023

      Cindy that you so very much for your very kind comment. Unfortunately we don’t have a tutorial for the greenhouse as it was something my husband made for me many years ago before I knew anything about blogging. We are planning a larger one and will definitely be making a tutorial for that one! I still think it is so nice that you used to live here!

  • Donna
    May 17, 2023

    Crystal, Thank you so much for sharing your amazing outdoor space and garden tips with us! All of your hard work was worth it! Your garden may not be big but its beauty and creativity speak volumes to me! All of the small elements add up to a gorgeous and peaceful outdoor space that anyone would love spending time in! Your greenhouse is perfection! I hope you have a very successful gardening season!

    • Crystal
      May 17, 2023

      Thanks Donna – what a sweet message. I really appreciate it. Thank you so very much for inviting me to this blog hop!

  • Wendy McMonigle
    May 17, 2023

    So many great ideas in one place, Crystal! Love the fairy lights in the mason jars along the fence. They add such charm. And your garden bike is so sweet. I have been looking for the perfect bike for my garden for some time now. One of these days, I will find it.

    • Crystal
      May 17, 2023

      Thanks so much Wendy! You definitely need a garden bike – they are so fun to have in the garden.

  • Jennifer
    May 17, 2023

    Your home is in such an amazing location!! I love your greenhouse…but the views are breathtaking! Love everything except the cougars and lynx you mentioned…

    • Crystal
      May 17, 2023

      Thanks so much Jennifer! These days I would take a lynx over the darn marmots that are destroying my garden. There is no day that I would like to meet a cougar hahaha!!!

  • Anna
    May 17, 2023

    Hi Crystal – Your garden is beautiful and charming. I love your sweet little greenhouse. Yes, no doubt, combatting the wildlife (including deer and elk!) is no joke. I also love that you highlighted lighting as a big component of a garden. So true and yet it is often over looked. Wishing you a fabulous gardening season. Thank you for including me in your Fabulous Friday Blog Hop. I feel honored.

    • Crystal
      May 30, 2023

      Thanks so much Anna! So happy you enjoyed it!

  • Lora Bloomquist
    May 17, 2023

    Your gardens are absolutely gorgeous with the beautiful water as the backdrop! Great tips, Crystal. I can’t imagine gardening with all those animals nearby! You’ve definitely risen to the occasion!

    • Crystal
      May 30, 2023

      Thanks Lora – yes it sure can be a challenge!

  • Diane
    May 18, 2023

    So many beautiful pictures and ideas! I can’t even begin to pick m faves!!! I’m so glad you hopped with us!!!

    • Crystal
      May 30, 2023

      Thank you so very much for the invite – I greatly appreciate it!

  • Nicolle
    May 19, 2023

    Crystal your garden is just an absolute dream! From the stunning views, to your adorable greenhouse, those fairy lights, I just love it all and would never leave! You’ve designed such a beautiful spot

    • Crystal
      May 30, 2023

      Thank you so very much Nicolle!

  • Lynn
    May 19, 2023

    So many great garden ideas! I love them all but I’m definitely going to try the lights in the mason jars idea. It’s so magical looking. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful garden and all of your ideas with us. XO

    • Crystal
      May 30, 2023

      Thanks so much Lynn!

  • Linda Reeves
    June 17, 2023

    Loved it all!

    • Crystal
      June 17, 2023

      Thank you so very much! I truly appreciate your comment!

  • Dee Peltier
    June 18, 2023

    Your garden is breathtakingly beautiful!

    • Crystal
      June 18, 2023

      Thank you so very much Dee!

  • Lois Byham
    December 19, 2023

    I love your ideas and photos.

    • Crystal
      December 19, 2023

      Thank you so very much Lois!