Wrapping gifts can be a form of art or it can be as simple as placing the item in a gift bag stuffed with tissue. Elaborate gift wrapping paper, scented tissue, gift cards, bows and ribbons, can all elevate the exterior of the gift, but let’s take it up a level and create a piece of art on a very plain base. Let’s make it say something about the receiver of the gift. In other words, let’s make the receiver feel extra special. That is the reason for gifts right? To make the receiver feel special and loved! In this post, I will show you 7 easy ways to use brown wrapping paper and add special touches to make it absolutely perfect for the receiver.

Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.

Brian Tracy

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Materials required:

  • brown wrapping paper, kraft wrapping paper, packing paper or butcher paper
  • brown paper bag
  • dried flowers – small flowers, roses, etc.
  • faux flowers
  • twine
  • yarn
  • colored construction paper, scrapbooking paper and matching colored markers
  • paper doilies
  • satin ribbon

The first step is to wrap the gift in the brown wrapping paper.  To this we will add embellishments according to the reason or type of gift as set out below:

#1 Thank you gift

This is so easy, yet so pretty.  All you will need is your pre-wrapped gift, five faux flowers and a banner with “Thank you” printed on it.

Materials for thank you gift including a gift wrapped in brown paper, five faux flowers and a banner with Thank you printed on it

Glue five flowers (dried or faux) in a line with all of their stems aligned at the bottom.  Place the glue in the middle of the stems of the flowers as this will be covered up by a piece of paper.  Place the tallest flower in the middle and cascade to the shorter flowers on either side.  

On your computer choose a nice font, and print out “thank you” in a very large size that will look proportionately correct on the package.

​Cut the words out to form a long rectangle approximately 3 inches tall.

Place the “thank you” banner over top of the middle of the stems and glue on either side.

Five faux white flowers glued to gift in brown wrapping paper
Glue on Thank you banner onto gift with faux flowers and wrapped in brown wrapping paper

Look how pretty the gift looks! Who wouldn’t want to receive it?

Gift wrapped in brown wrapping paper with faux white flowers and a Thank you banner

#2 Mother’s day gift

For this one you will need a medium to large paper doily, dried flowers and twine or ribbon.

Materials for mother's day gift wrapping including purple paper doily, faux white flowers and thin white ribbon

Lay the flowers on the middle of the doily with the tops exceeding the top edge of the doily by an inch or two.  Glue the flowers down in the bottom half of the doily.

Fold the doily as seen below and glue along the edge.

Gift wrapped in brown kraft paper with thin white ribbon laying horizontally across it
Purple paper doily glued to gift in brown wrapping paper
Gluing white faux flowers into purple doily bouquet on gift

Wrap twine or ribbon around the gift and tie in a bow.

Not only will your mother love the gift inside, she will love the faux bouquet on the outside. This can easily be removed and saved.

Mother's day gift wrapped in brown paper with bouquet of faux white flowers wrapped in a purple doily glued on the front with a white ribbon bow

#3 Renewal gift

Do you know someone starting over? Maybe it is after a divorce, or a distant move, or a complete career change. Did you know that cherry blossoms represent a time of renewal and optimism?

For this one you will need a faux cherry blossom branch or a real branch that you glue faux cherry blossoms on and pink ribbon.

Materials for gift wrapped in faux cherry blossom including a pink ribbon

If you are making your own cherry blossom branch, first start by clipping the faux cherry blossoms off of the bouquet or garland. Then take each individual blossom and glue them on the branch. Make sure to face the blossoms in different directions. I did groupings of 1 blossom, 3 or 5 and left gaps in between.

Now take your cherry blossom branch and lay it vertically across the gift and glue down in at least 3 locations.

Faux cherry blossom branch on top of gift
Cherry blossom branch on gift with pink ribbon on a diagonal angle
Cherry blossom branch on gift with pink ribbons on a diagonal angle

On an angle on the left bottom corning weave the pink ribbon through the branch and affix on the back. Leave a one inch space and glue on another pink ribbon. Repeat one more time, so that you have three strips of pink ribbon.

Cherry blossom branch on gift with pink ribbon on a diagonal angle

#4 Engagement or bridal shower gift

For this you will need a brown paper bag, dried or faux small flowers, decorative tissue paper or tulle, pearl strand, twine or small ribbon.

Materials for wrapping a bridal gift including a brown paper bag, tulle, faux flowers and pearl strand ribbon

Create a small bouquet like shape with the flowers and glue into the center of the tissue.

Wrap the tissue paper or tulle around the base of the flowers as one would wrap a bouquet of flowers.

Wrap the sides of the tissue over the bottom of the flower stems and glue down.

Cutting individual flowers off of faux bouquet
Faux flowers glued on to tulle for a small bouquet
Faux flowers wrapped in to tulle for a small bouquet

Wrap the pearl strand (twine or ribbon), round and round the base of the bouquet and glue down. Tie a bow with the pearl strand and glue on top. Glue the wrapped bouquet to the paper bag.

Small bouquet wrapped in tulle and tied with a pearl strand glued to a brown paper gift bag

#5 Happy birthday

For this gift, you will need the yarn, colored construction paper and colored markers.  They should all match and look nice together on top of the brown wrapping paper.  Here are some ideas:

  • – gold metallic marker, gold, silver and black construction paper, black yarn and the shape: gold polka dots
  • – pink marker, pink, white and black construction paper, pink yarn, and the shape: pink hearts
  • – navy marker, navy and white construction paper, navy yarn and the shape: navy anchors
  • – red marker, red and white construction paper, red yarn and the shape: red stars
  • – green marker, green and yellow construction paper, green yarn and the shape: green leaves

For my happy birthday gift, I am going to pink and blue markers, pink, blue and yellow scrap booking paper and pink yarn.

Scrap booking paper, pink yarn and pink and blue felt pens

Wrap the yarn around the gift 3 times in horizontal lines.

Cut out 2 inch squares in the construction paper.  Fold them in half so they are the shape of a triangle.

2 inch squares in scrapbook paper
2 inch squares folded in half
Gluing a square of scrapbook paper on an angle over yarn like a little flag

Space these triangles on the yarn approximately 1 inch apart, with 3 on the first line of yarn, 2 on the second and one on the third.

Flags hung on yarn

Take one piece of yarn and wrap it on an angle across the present.

From the scrapbooking paper or construction paper, cut out two medium hearts. Fold one down the middle and glue to the top of the other. Fluff the upper heart up so that it isn’t laying flat.

Cut small hearts out and glue here and there on the present.

First use the markers to draw on hearts of varying sizes all over the wrapped gift.

Birthday gift wrapping idea made with brown wrapping paper, colorful scrapbooking paper hung on pieces of yarn like small flags, along with hearts

#6 A gift for the classic friend

For this one you will need pretty scrapbooking paper, 1 inch satin ribbon and one faux flower.

Classic gift wrapping idea with scrapbook paper, pink ribbon and pink daisy

Cut a band of scrapbooking paper that will reach around the gift. If this is not possible, you may need to join together two pieces. Make sure to have the joints in areas that are not noticeable like the bottom or sides. Center this band on the gift.

Strip of scrapbooking paper around gift wrapped in brown kraft paper
Strip of scrapbooking paper around gift wrapped in brown kraft paper and pink ribbon tied in a bow

Take the satin ribbon and lay it vertically down the band of scrapbooking paper, bring to the back and where the two tails of ribbon meet in the middle, twist them so that they come back to the front on the sides of the gift to form a cross on the top. Tie a knot and then tie a loose bow. Insert the faux flower behind the bow so that it pops up in the middle.

Classic wrapping idea with green scrapbook paper strip, pink satin ribbon and pink daisy

#7 A gift for the boho lover

For this one you will need the twine, and dried lavender or other type of dried flowers.

Wrap the twine around and around the center of box horizontally. Be scattered, on angles, and not too tight because you will need to insert the lavender through the twine.

Gift wrapped with twine horizontally three times
Lavender piece woven through twine
Lavender woven through twine

Insert the lavender weaving under and over the various layers of twine. I had the longest piece of lavender in the middle and tapered down on both sides. You could make it all fairly even or uneven as it would be in a garden.

Lavender woven through twine

Now let’s see them all together?

Ideas for wrapping gifts in brown wrapping paper with creative embellishments like ribbon, cherry blossom branches, faux flowers, dried lavender, etc.

Don’t forget to pin for later

Creative ways to wrap gifts with brown wrapping paper with gift with pink ribbon and cherry blossom branches

Did you enjoy this?

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Five pretty ways to wrap with brown wrapping paper - packages shown in old wooden sleigh in snow overlooking lake

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