As promised in my last blog, here is our Christmas house tour. There are some areas that are still under construction so they will not be on the tour – such as the master bedroom, mudroom, laundry room and the games room.

I am going to let the photos do most of the talking but I will add in details here and there so you can have a more complete idea of the home design or decor.

We live on an acreage that borders a very large provincial park and we are visited by many animals such as deer, bear, cougar, coyote, marmot, chipmunks and many birds. The deer will eat just about anything so it is necessary for us to have many areas with high fences and gates. In the photo below you will see a pair of antique gates I found at an estate sale. They survived the fires in 2003, but we had to get them repaired as they were burnt so badly. I love the detail and that they have an authentic vintage design.

The exterior of our home is a shingle house with a modern twist. Walls of windows and glass doors were a must given the view. I wanted to be able to see out whenever possible, so in various areas of the home, you can see from one side to another and out a window to beyond.

Our front door is an example of this. This year, I had a dream of a white and frosty entrance and knew the birch trees flanking the door would be perfect. Real evergreen boughs top the door, simple wire urns with candles, a buffalo check rug and a “Merry Christmas” doormat finish the design.

Oh, I did forget one major new addition – the front door wreath! I am pleased to say I made the wreath by spraying a grapevine form metallic silver. Then added clear plastic ornaments that I had spray painted with Mirror Effect spray paint. Lastly, I added in pure white feathers for movement. I am so in love with the way it turned out.

Here is a video of how the feathers add so much life! I understand it is subtle, but then again, subtle can be the best!

After entering the house, it opens up to a two storey living room with floor to ceiling windows to capture the view. The construction and erection of that wall was amazing, but that story is for another blog.

Our tree is 10 feet tall and faux. We tried a real tree one year, but as soon as we got it home I felt like a murdered because I had taken the life of this beautiful tree. I know, very dramatic and a little out there but I am such a tree hugger at heart. I love all living creatures and that includes trees hahaha! Anyhow, the next year I purchased this tree. It has lights that change from a soft warm white to multi color to a combination of a purpley blue, green and white. The last option is my favorite because just about all of my ornaments are white or clear glass so it is nice to have some color. I love it that I can change it depending on my mood.

Here is a view from up above looking down into the living room.

The stone fireplace is flanked with shelves and storage. This year, I went with quite a neutral theme in the living room with white, black, grey’s and hints of blue.

The beautiful chunky blanket on our sofa was a Christmas gift from my daughter last year. It works beautifully with this color scheme.

And this Christmas Moose – what can I say – we saw him at Homesense last year and brought him home with us. He was just too cute to leave behind. Fun fact, with a little twist, his legs go up inside his body so he is easy to store!

As we head over into the kitchen and dining room, I opted for a more traditional color scheme with lots of pops of red and green.

Heading upstairs to the kid’s rooms, we also chose to have lots of windows and I am so glad as this is the area, I watch all my bird babies coming to the feeders I have set up and I also have a lovely view of Annie, our greenhouse! Open riser stairs allowed for a better view.

Both Noah and Jenna, decided to invest in Balsam Hill Christmas trees. They are both working and they saw it as an investment for many years in the future to when they have their own homes. I have always had smaller Christmas trees in their rooms and we decorated them in any way they wanted. They have both matured and of course, their tastes of changed.

Noah loves the vintage look and he went for a traditional green and red color scheme. He splurged this year when the Bay had a sale on the most gorgeous glass ornaments. He has also been collecting Nutcrackers for as long as I can remember and they tied in nicely with his new ornaments!

I would like to add, if you are looking for a top quality tree, I would recommend a Balsam Hill tree. They look so real and they come with so many extras like gloves to fluff the tree, a carry bag, etc.

Jenna has more of boho vibe to here room and she went for a flocked tree. She used a lot of my old gold ornaments and incorporated them in with a few new ones.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home! Did you see the tour of our greenhouse that I decorated up as Santa’s lounge? If not, click this link.

Our family wishes you and yours the very best Christmas and holiday season!

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  • Barb
    December 23, 2021

    Absolutely stunning home. Love the elegance, simplicity and the moose. But I particularly love the views you get from those windows. It’s wonderful you could take advantage of that ever changing wonderland. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Crystal
      December 23, 2021

      Thank you so very much Barb! I agree about the view – it truly is amazing. Merry Christmas to you too!