Dream a Little Dream

Let me take you back, long, long ago when I was a little girl and a dreamer. When I say dreamer, I mean I had very vivid dreams while sleeping and was also a day dreamer. I loved to escape everyday life in my day dreams which were so fantastical, vivid and happy.

Around the age of 6, I would go out by our pond and dream of underwater colonies of interesting creatures. There were kings and queens of these colonies dressed in flowing robes as they rode on seahorses. They tried to stay hidden, but I caught glimpses of them every now and then.

The pond that I day dreamed beside

This made me even more inclined to spend hours quietly sitting by the pond as I wanted to see more. I fantasized that they lived in elaborate kingdoms which were hidden by the murky water above. Underneath the murkiness were glistening and glittering castles and steeples and curving roads. Not sure why they needed roads given that they all rode seahorses? Perhaps they were there to guide them from one place to another?

When winter would come, we would have intense snow storms and the winds would whip up and create massive snow drifts. I dug tunnels and caves and imagined I lived at the North Pole.

I longed to meet Santa, not to tell him all the things I wanted but to just be in his presence. A father figure so-to-speak who was jolly and loving and happiness followed him wherever he went. As much as I dug tunnels and wandered in the snowy woods, I never met Santa.

That did not stop me from day dreaming about how he lived when he wasn’t in the workshop watching the elves or out with the reindeer or in the cozy house with Mrs. Claus.

I pictured he had his own spot, a man cave in today’s terminology, but not your typical man cave with stone floors, dark panelled walls and a huge fireplace. No, I pictured him in something bright and cheery.

Definitely warm and cozy with pillows, blankets and fur rugs and of course, lots of Christmas trees all decorated up.

An assortment of treats like special oranges, chocolates, hot cocoa and maybe even mulled cider filled this spot with delicious scents.

It was frosty and white outside as far as one could see with huge bright blue skies.

He even made sure the outside trees were decorated with glittering red ornaments.

And he had lights and wreaths on a picket fence all around.

With all those memories dancing around in my head, I decided to bring them to life this year in our greenhouse named “Annie”.

Thank you for taking this journey through my memories and dreams at this special time of year. Next up on the blog will be a home tour! Can’t wait to share with you all the changes I have made this year. If you weren’t with me last year, here is a link to how I decorated. I have changed everything up this year so I hope you will check out all the changes.

Wishing you peace, joy and love through the holidays


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Dream a Little Dream