​I always look for a creative ways to decorate the back of our counter stools in our kitchen because the stools themselves are quite plain. Just look below…plain right? My go to for bringing interest is to create a seasonal back of chair wreath!

Best Kitchen Ideas for a functional kitchen showing a white kitchen with large island and 4 chairs

Adding mini wreaths to them makes everyone smile who sees them.  Why? Because they are cheerful and fun!

They set the tone for all the decor because it is often the first thing people see when they enter our home.

And well, let’s face it – I am always up for a new diy project.  

These are my back of chair wreaths from last spring. Aren’t they cute?

Beach house white kitchen with grey island chairs

This year, I was inspired by all the sunflowers I grew in my garden.  There is just something so joyful about sunflowers dancing in the sunshine and bobbing in the breeze that made we want to bring that joy inside my home. 

Bright yellow sunflower with lime green center

Once I had my inspiration, I decided that I wanted to create a simple wreath where the sunflowers got all the attention.  These small wreaths are so easy to make and I also created what I think is an ingenious way of hanging them on the back of the chairs – just wait till you see what I did!

​These wreaths are not just limited to the back of your chair, they could also be hung on your kitchen cabinets or on the back of your dining chairs plus so many other places.  

So let’s get started…

​Materials for back of chair wreaths

Materials for sunflower back of chair wreath including a rope wreath, mini picket fence, mini sunflowers and green ribbon

​The items you will need for this project are:

​Disclaimer: Each of the items above is linked to Amazon so that you can purchase the products if you would like to make this project. I will earn a small commission if you use my links but there will be no extra cost to you. Earning these small commissions is what makes it possible for me to provide you with these free diy’s and tutorials. So thank you very much in advance if you decide to use them!

Step 1:  Size picket fence and attach

​With back of chair wreaths, you have to create more than one, so finding inexpensive materials is a must. When I found these small rope wreath forms at the dollar store I knew they would be the perfect base for a sunflower garden because:  

  • they are sturdy, the perfect size,
  • they are neutral in color so they wouldn’t compete with the sunflowers, and
  • the twine material made them feel very natural which is perfect for a garden style wreath.  You could also use a small grapevine wreath if you can’t find the twine rope wreaths.

To get started, lay the plastic picket fence behind the wreath form.  Make sure that the picket fence is low enough down on the wreath, that it does not leave a gap at the bottom of the fence.  

Rope wreath with plastic mini picket fence behind
Picket fence on back of rope wreath
Picket fence behind rope wreath

With a black marker, mark the picket fence so that it does not stick past the wreath form.  With wire cutters, trim off the excess picket fence.

Flip the wreath over and lay the trimmed picket fence on top.  With the black marker, mark the furthest edges of the picket fence onto the wreath form.  Now place hot glue within those black marks. Press the picket fence into the glue and hold until dry.  Repeat for the other three wreaths. 

Making marks on back of rope wreath to glue fence on
Placing glue on back of rope wreath
Gluing picket fence to wreath

Step 2:  Assemble sunflowers and attach

If you can find small sunflowers that is great.  I could not, so I purchased a bouquet of what looks like small sunflowers.  Trim off twelve, sunflowers from the bouquet and strip the leaves. You will need three sunflowers for each wreath.

Cutting sunflowers off of bunch
Cutting up faux sunflowers

Cut the heads off of the stems and trim the back of the sunflower off.  

Cutting back off sunflower

Cut three different sizes of the stems so that the sunflowers are different heights.  I cut one that is just one inch above the picket fence, one that almost reaches the top of the wreath and one in between.

Glue the stems to the back of the picket fence and let dry.

​Glue the heads of the sunflowers on to the top of the stems.  I also placed some dabs of hot glue on the back of the some of the petals and glued them to the wreath for added support.

Adding stems for sunflowers to wreath
Gluing sunflowers to wreath
Gluing some petals of sunflowers to rope wreath

Step 3:  Trim and attach sunflower leaves

The leaves were quite large so they needed to be trimmed down to be of an appropriate size.

​Cut the plastic centers off of the leaves.  

Then cut the leaves in half.  Then shape the leaves into an appropriate leaf shape.  Make sure to have all different sizes.

Cutting sunflower leaves into small sunflower leaves

Attach the leaves here and there as you see fit.  Makes sure to stick a few through the fence.

Adding leaves to sunflowers on back of chair wreath

Step 4:  Create hook for wreath

​For these wreaths I wanted to create a unique bow that looked like sunflower leaves, so I did not want to do my usual of tying the ribbon around the wreath and then tying it to the back of the chair.  I needed to create a hook and this was simply done by cutting a piece of thick twine to the length of two inches long.  

Then hot glue it to the center of the top of the wreath.

Cut twine loop for hook for wreath
Gluing loop to wreath

Step 5:  Create bow

​For the bow you will need a green ribbon that is two inches wide.  You could use velvet ribbon, cotton ribbon, etc.  I found this thicker burlap type of ribbon at the dollar store and it was the perfect color of green to represent the leaves of the sunflower.  This is a very simple bow technique. You can do something more elaborate if you wish, but I like to keep it pretty simple for back of chair wreaths.

​Cut four pieces of ribbon that are 18″ long each. The fold each ribbon length in half.

18 inch piece of green ribbon
18 inch ribbon with another piece folded in half

​Create a small loop to one side and a small loop to the other and pinch in the middle.  Cut a 4 inch piece of green wire and wrap around the middle of the bow and twist until tight.

Making a bow with green ribbon
Pinching bow in middle
Wrapping wire into the middle of the bow

​Trim the tails of the ribbon into a leaf shape.

Green ribbon bow
Cutting ribbon tail to look like a leaf
Green ribbon bow with leaf tails

​Hot glue the ribbon bow to the top of the wreath.  Secure the tails of the ribbon with a small dab of hot glue so that the leaves are facing out sideways, not hanging down and covering a sunflower.

Sunflower back of chair wreath

Step 6:  Create ribbon/hook for chair

​Finally, we are at my latest idea for securing mini wreaths to the back of chairs.  This is such an easy way you are going to love it.

​Of course, it depends on the type of chair or chair backs that you have so you may have to tweak this or do something different.

​First, cut a piece of ribbon that will wrap all the way around the top of the chair (the top horizontal wood piece forming the back of the chair) and tie it into a knot.  Cut the ends of the ribbon so that they are quite short but not too short as the knot could unravel.  Tuck the ends of the ribbon under the knot.  Now slide the knot to the bottom of the horizontal piece of wood so the knot is not visible.

Tying ribbon chair
Ribbon tied on back of chair
Ribbon tied on back of chair

​Now it is time to reveal my creative way of attaching the wreath and I must say it is my all-time favorite way of hanging a back of chair wreath.

​Simply glue a small command hook to the bottom of the ribbon.  Let dry.

Command hook glued to ribbon

​Now all you have to do is hang the wreath from the piece of twine you earlier cut and glued to the top of the wreath onto the command hook.  Voila is this not perfect?  Now you could switch out wreaths if you wanted to!!!

Hanging wreath on hook

​Lastly, fluff out the ribbon to cover the command hook. 

​Stand back and enjoy.

Sunflower back of chair wreath for fall

Step 7:  Style your kitchen with fall sunflower decor

​Now that you have the finished product, it is time to style the rest of your kitchen. By the way, remember how the chairs looked without wreaths? Doesn’t this look better?

Back of chair wreaths in kitchen decorated with sunflower decor

​So when it comes to styling, a bouquet of real or faux sunflowers is a must.  Create a little grouping by adding a mum in a pretty pot, a pumpkin and a cute fall tea towel.

Sunflowers, pumpkin and mums

​Next up, style any shelves with things like dried grasses and allium, faux sunflowers, and various other types of pumpkins, like these twig pumpkins and the cute pumpkin charcuterie board.  This sunflower sign is absolutely perfect to keep the sunflower theme going.

Kitchen shelves styled for fall

​I love my new “grateful” box on the top shelf. It paired so well with faux pumpkins and gourds that I purchased last year which fit in perfectly with the color scheme.  

​To bring height, I added a large metal serving tray.

Here is a closer look at one of my favorite fall sunflower decor pieces.

Sunflower kitchen decor

​Don’t forget to bring out your fall tea towels and other fall faux greenery for hanging baskets.

Fall kitchen decor with basket filled with fall stems and cute fall tea towel

Thank you!

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Sunflower back of chair wreath in kitchen

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