Matthew 28:5-6: The angel said to the women, ‘Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.

This year for Easter I created two tablescapes, one with bunnies in a flower meadow (click here if you want to see it) and one dedicated to Jesus and the Easter story of his death and resurrection.  I grew up in a non-Christian home so Easter was all about bunnies, eggs and chocolates.  I remember decorating eggs with my mom and always waking up to a scavenger hunt for all the goodies that the Easter bunny left.  These memories fill me with joy at the great lengths my mom went to make my childhood magical.  When I met Bentley and for the first time spent holidays in a Christian home, I was surprised at the lack of bunnies and chocolate but filled with peace and a new type of joy at the new traditions I learned and the Christian reason for Easter.  There were no specific decorations for Easter but being a decor type of person, this year I wanted to create a He is Risen tablescape and I wanted it to be something that as we celebrated Easter, we would look at this table center and it would cause us each to remember all that Jesus did for us and the glory that he rose again.  This project is easy and could be done with children, and best of all the end result is very beautiful centerpiece.

Materials for He is Risen Easter Tablescape

Materials for He is Risen tablescape including base, moss, pot and crosses

The materials you will need for the He is Risen Easter tablescape are:

  • large base which could be a bowl or dough bowl.  I found mine at a garden center so I believe it was meant to be a planter.
  • soil
  • 3 crosses
  • burnt umber acrylic paint
  • one small terracotta pot
  • round rock just a bit bigger than the size of the top of the pot
  • small piece of white cloth or a tissue
  • moss
  • small faux flowers
  • rocks or vermiculite
  • tablecloth or table runner
  • charger plates
  • china or table settings
  • cutlery and glassware
  • napkins and napkin rings
  • candlestick and candles

Step 1 – Paint crosses

My crosses were made on my laser cutter, but you could also make them out of balsa wood which is very easy to cut or you could even tie twigs together in the form of a cross.

I wanted my light wood crosses to seem more realistic so I gave them a light wash of brown paint.  To achieve the wash, I mixed water with burnt umber paint.

Once the paint was dry, I went in with another wash of brown paint to darken the areas of the cross that would be in the shadows or to make the piece of the cross that would be at the back (the vertical piece) darker than the one that would be more forward (horizontal piece).

Three wood crosses with paint
Painting wood cross brown
3 wood crosses painted brown

Step 2 – Prepare topography

​Jesus was crucified on a hill, so I wanted a material that I could mold into a hill.  Luckily, I had my seed starting soil on hand.  I mixed it generously with water so that it would hold a form.  The amount of water you should have is enough to ball the soil together and it stays in that shape, but not so much that water is dripping out.

Place the soil in the base of your bowl and mound it up on one side. 

Spread a thinner layer in the rest of your bowl.

Metal bowl filled with soil formed into a hill

Step 3 – Prepare the cave

Paint the inside and the outside of the terracotta pot with black paint.  Let dry.  This pot will symbolize the cave that Jesus was laid in after He was crucified.

Painting terracotta pot black

Next cut a small piece of white cloth or a tissue and then fold it to represent the cloths that Jesus was wrapped in.

Cutting white tissue
Folding white tissue

Step 4 – Assemble the scene

Place the pot on it’s side and lay it in the thinner area of soil in front of the mound (hill).

Place the rock on it’s side next to the pot.  It is supposed to be the large rock that is rolled away from the entrance to the cave.

Black pot on it's side with rock beside it

Insert the three crosses at the top of the hill.

Three crosses inserted into hill of soil

Place the moss over top of the pot/cave and all around the cave and rock.  Place the folded cloth or tissue in the pot/cave.

Moss covering pot to look like a cave with a rock beside it

I chose not to run it up the hill because I wanted the hill where the crosses were to appear bare, rocky and barren.  The lower area where the cave is, is meant to appear as soft and beautiful.  Something nice to greet Jesus when He rose from the dead.

Insert small flowers into the moss.

Cover the hill with small rocks or vermiculite so that it appears as a rocky, desolate hill.

He is Risen Easter tablescape with a bowl with crosses and a faux cave with rock

Step 5 – Set the table

I chose to go with a neutral color pallette and incorporate more natural materials or vintage style decor.

First, lay down either a tablecloth or table runner.  My vintage crocheted runner in beige was the perfect color to blend with the table center yet still had an intricate design so it wasn’t lackluster.

Next, place your table center in the middle of the table.

Next, place your charger plates.  Mine are a natural rattan and are so versatile.  They go with just about everything.

Next, layer your china.  For this, I went with a vintage style creamy white set.

Next, place your cutlery.  My gold cutlery was the perfect choice due to it being gold because I felt that it represented the exquisite gift that Jesus is to all of us.

Next, place your napkin in a napkin ring and set on top of the china/table settings.  Once again, I went with a neutral color scheme with a tan linen napkin in a wood bead napkin ring with jute tassel.

Next, set out your glassware.

Neutral tablesetting with rattan charger, white plates, tan napkin with wood bead napkin ring and gold cutlery

Last, scatter a few candlesticks down either side of the table center.  I kept it minimal so that all of the focus was on the table center representing the sacrifice Jesus made for us and his ultimate resurrection.

He is risen tablescape

For the rest of the room, I kept it simple with natural white faux flower arrangements. These arrangements are perfect for spring and a wonderful addition to many different types of tablescapes. For directions on how to make them, just click here.

White flower arrangements on a grey china cabinet


I hope you enjoyed this He is Risen Easter tablescape tutorial and that you will consider making this Easter table decor. This is such a special time of year to gather together and celebrate

At this time of year, whether you prefer bunnies and chocolate or a He is Risen Easter decoration, I hope that this holiday weekend finds you filled with peace and joy!

He is Risen tablescape

Happy Easter to you!

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If you are looking for a He is Risen Easter tablescape, I have the perfect one. It is easy, yet beautiful & will provide you with Easter joy!

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  • Joyce
    March 31, 2024

    What a beautiful and meaningful tablescape! I love how you’ve intertwined the essence of Easter with your creative decor. Thank you for sharing this wonderful DIY project and wishing you a blessed Easter filled with joy and peace! By the way, what are your thoughts on the symbolic representation of the crosses and the cave?

    • Crystal
      April 3, 2024

      Thank you so very much Joyce. The crosses and cave represent the crucification, laying to rest and resurrection of Jesus.