Have you seen the most popular new decorating theme called a flower meadow or floral meadow?  It is all the rage when it comes to weddings.  Everything from arrangements looking like wildflower meadows for the tables to aisle markers or ground floral circles, or even a cake meadow where the wedding cake emerges from what looks like a beautiful flower meadow surrounding it.  Being a flower lover, I was very excited and intrigued by this trend.  Naturally with spring and Easter right around the corner, I thought it would be perfect to try this flower meadow tablescape trend for our Easter table.  It was easy, inexpensive and the results were one part beautiful and one part magical. The best part is that it will last through spring!

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Before I get started, it is time for another edition of the Designing Women Tell All and this month we are covering anything to do with Easter decor including table decorations and other ways to decorate your dining room.  

So let’s dive right in.


For this flower meadow tablescape, you will need:

  • a lace floral tablecloth or table runner
  • faux wildflower or cottage style flowers
  • faux wisteria or other trailing floral vine
  • oasis rounds
  • sheet moss or spanish moss
  • wire
  • bunnies
  • faux eggs
  • floral charger plates, cloth napkins, napkin rings, china and glassware
Materials for flower meadow tablescape including handpainted spring charger plates, napkin rings, oasis, faux flowers and moss


Lay out all of your flowers and group them into three to five groups.  They should be a mixture of tall and shorter flowers. I used faux white cosmos, apple or cherry blossom branches and a small purple faux flower with green slender leaves.

Insert your tallest flowers in the middle of the oasis round and then taper down with shorter flowers to the edges.

Inserting faux flower into oasis
Inserting faux flowers into oasis
Inserting faux flowers into oasis

You can make these floral meadow arrangements more dense if you like, but I kept them a little sparse so that they wouldn’t hinder sight lines while dining.

Floral meadow arrangement with white flowers

Here is what the rectangular one looks like.

Rectangle flower meadow

Cover the oasis with moss.

Adding moss to floral arrangement

Make 4 more arrangements.

If you prefer fresh flowers, you could make the flower meadows with them.  You will need to place the oasis in a water proof container and soak the oasis with water to keep the flowers fresh.  When using fresh flowers I would suggest cosmos, zinnias, bachelor’s buttons, and other cottage style flowers.


Clean your table so that you are working on a clean surface.

Then cover the table with the lace floral tablecloth or if you don’t have one you could always use a nice table runner.

Place charger plates and then top them with a plate or table setting.  You can layer pretty salad plates and bowls, whatever you would like to make this a beautiful Easter tablescape.  

Plate on handpainted spring charger plate
Charger plate and napkin ring diy styled with a white linen napkin and vintage plate on a lace tablecloth

Did you notice my charger plates and napkin rings?  I actually made them with a laser cutter and hand-painted them.  If you want to learn how, just click this link.

Due to the fancy charger plates and napkin rings, I opted for a plain vintage style plate so that the charger plate would be the center of attention.

Lastly place white napkins with beautiful napkin rings across the top plate or beside the setting.  Cotton or linen napkins are preferred but you could always use paper napkins.

Finish the setting with your pretty glassware.

Easter tablescape with wood bunny and white flowers

With regard to the cutlery, you can set it out beside the table setting, in cutlery bags or have it where the food is being served from if you are doing it buffet style.

Place cards are also an option but I wouldn’t recommend them.  The reason is that the flower meadow arrangements are quite large and whimsical.  Adding too much to the table could cause it to become too busy.  I am a firm believer in “less is more” and to allow the floral arrangements or hand-crafted pieces to be given the full attention they deserve rather than overloading your guests or family’s senses with too much decor.


If you have a chandelier, to give the full feel of being outdoors in a meadow, you could drape wisteria vines from the chandelier.

Then place three of the five flower meadow arrangements down the middle of the table.  Be sure to stagger them away from the guests so that everyone can see each other while eating.  There is nothing worse than a flower arrangement or candles blocking the view of the person you are trying to talk to.

Now strategically place a few bunnies.

Momma and baby bunny in Easter tablescape

Lastly place a few candlesticks and eggs down the center of the table to complete the look.

Easter tablescape with bunnies and white flowers on a dining table


If you have a china cabinet, credenza or side table be sure to extend the decorating to those areas as well.

In my case, that is what the two extra flower meadow arrangements are for.  

Bunny with flower meadow arrangement

After sizing up the china cabinet, I decided to place the floral meadow arrangements on either end and then placed a green flower basket in the middle with white faux flowers.  

As this is a garden theme, I added in a garden weathervane and another bunny.

Flower meadow arrangement with garden weathervane


Step back and admire your gorgeous table and the entire dining room.  Your family and guests are sure to enjoy your Easter dinner and appreciate all the effort you put into creating a pretty table.

Flower meadow arrangements are not limited to being Easter centerpieces though.  They are a versatile floral arrangement and can be used throughout spring and summer, for a special event or special occasion.

Easter tablescape with wood bunnies and white flowers on a dining table

Flower meadow arrangements are the perfect choice for someone who loves natural elements mixed with femininity and whimsy.

I am sure any bunny would be happy to hop through this floral meadow!

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Kristy from At Home with Kristy is from Texas, is a homebody at heart and very passionate about creating a warm & welcoming home environment for family and friends. Kristy has a BS Interior Design and has worked as an Interior Designer for 35 years specializing in Residential Interior Design. She is a planner, perfectionist, & big picture thinker, but also loves getting lost in the weeds perfecting every detail. Kristy loves sharing her knowledge and expertise to inspire, encourage and empower others.  This month Kristy is going to share how to create a beautiful table and hutch with rustic yet elegant Easter decor, just click here.

Dining room with Easter decor


I hope you enjoyed all that we have shared and if you are hoping for a little bit more, how about this delicious recipe for carrot cake? Just click here.

Wood bunny with carrot cake

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Cute Easter bunny painting with real dried roses and pressed sweet peas

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  • Kristy Mastrandonas
    March 12, 2024

    Oh Crystal, I absolutely love and adore your floral meadow themed Easter decor in your dining room! And your laser cut plate chargers and napkin rings are fabulous! Every detail is so beautiful and unique!

    • Crystal
      March 18, 2024

      Thanks so much Kristy! I appreciate your lovely comments!

  • tempmail
    March 15, 2024

    I do not even know how I ended up here but I thought this post was great I dont know who you are but definitely youre going to a famous blogger if you arent already Cheers.

    • Crystal
      March 18, 2024

      Thank you so very much!

  • Kim Beaulieu
    March 25, 2024

    This is such a beautiful way to decorate.

    • Crystal
      April 3, 2024

      Thank you so very much Kim!