“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”
– Stanley Horowitz

Every year I go kicking and screaming into fall because I love summer so much. Then when fall sets in and my love for it bubbles up all over again. Clear blue skies and a landscape of yellow and orange surround us here at Sweet Valley Acres. With that comes a complete home revamp. More than ever I have been looking for inexpensive fall decorating ideas. I searched, and I diy’d and came up with a fantastic home full of pretty decor.

Before I take you on a home tour, let me share with you how pretty Annie was looking last fall.

Greenhouse with lake in the background and pretty fall mums

Disclaimer: I have linked various pieces of decor and should you decide to purchase something, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge.

So let’s get started with a cute fall sign “Welcome to our Patch”!

There are so many cute little signs and they are very reasonably priced. You can place them in an entry, on your island, in a floral arrangement, etc. I shop for them online, at Walmart, Homesense and Hobby Lobby.

"Welcome to our Patch" fall decor sign

I couldn’t find a sign exactly like mine, but click here for the cutest sign that is only $8.69.

Front Entrance

Mums and pumpkins are a staple for fall decorating at our home. I used to be all about white mums but then I got the tri-color mums. They brought so much life that they have become my new favorite.

Below, I have set out two examples of our entrance. The one on the left is all about color with bright mums and a rich fall colored pomegranate wreath. On the right, it is all about neutrals and lots of candles.

In both photos I have my favorite coir doormat with “hello” written on it. I purchased it just as it is, but I have always seen people make their own and that has really intrigued me. If it interests you too, check out this post by Lemon Thistle where she shares a DIY for a personalized doormat. It is fantastic!

Let me know which one you prefer.

Fall front entrance with inexpensive fall decor
Front entrance with pumpkins and candles

Great Room

This year I really changed it up in our living room and opted for a cream and rust color scheme. I mended an old twig bike I had and filled it’s baskets with dried hydrangea from our garden.

To the right of the fireplace on the middle shelf are the cutest sparkly rust pumpkins which I picked up at the Dollar Store.

To the left of the fireplace on the top shelf are two vases that used to be a horrible brown and black and so out of style. I painted several coats of a creamy white and they look brand new. I picked up some pampas grass at a nursery to provide some height.

Fall front entrance with inexpensive fall decor

Fall front entrance with inexpensive fall decor
Fall front entrance with inexpensive fall decor

It doesn’t have to all be about fall, you can add in elements that are just in the right color scheme. For example, layering some cream and brown books with a wood grain vase and beaded garland fits in perfectly.

Stack of books with brown pot and beads with ♡

Another example of upcycling old decor is shown in the group of three bells below. They were a mustard yellow which didn’t suit anything I had but they look lovely painted white.

My daughter got me the beautiful faux pampas grass for my birthday and my son got me the grey pampas grass wreath. I will be using both through the Christmas season.

To the right of the credendza, which may be a little hard to see, are dried allium of different sizes. To keep costs down, always be on the look out for natural elements outside such as grasses, flowers, pieces of wood or branches, stones, etc.

Wood and metal credenza with white bells and a grey wreath on an ornate mirror

Dining Room

Dried hydrangea and ornamental cabbage and kale are very inexpensive/free fillers.

Fall front entrance with inexpensive fall decor
Fall front entrance with inexpensive fall decor

Keeping a neutral theme which just pops of the navy kept my natural theme flowing through the house. These burlap cutlery bags filled with rose gold cutlery are a new fave of mine.

Burlap cutlery holder in a cream colored bowl with fall tablescape
Navy pumpkin topiary on macrame table runner

I made these hydrangea inspired pink pumpkins – clear here for the link to learn how. They offered a subtle pop of pink to blend in with all the dried hydrangea.

Pink pumpkins mixed with golden candleholder and tin jug with blush flowers
White bowl with pink pumpkins and dried hydrangea


Fall was the perfect time, to showcase a collection of cabbage rose depression glass that I recently took off of my sister-in-law’s hands!!! So happy for this find.

Stacking old books to vary the height always brings interest.

Placing an empty gold frame behind a vase filled with faux flowers makes it feel like a painting of flowers is popping off the canvas.

I found the wood and marble pumpkin shaped charcuterie board at Homesense and absolutely adore it.

I repurposed the wall basket to hang at the end of our counter and filled it with faux fall flowers (half price at Michaels) along with a pretty fall tea towel. Speaking of Michaels – keep an eye out for their sales – they often offer 40% to 50% off and in lots of time before the season ends.

Fall display of cabbage rose depression glass
End of island hanger with grey basket and fall foliage and tea towel


As my summer planters were still in great shape with an abundance of potato vine and petunias, I simply added ornamental corn to the back and a bright yellow Lantana in the center.

Another option for pretty fall color, is to go to your local nursery and see what they have on sale from the summer. On the right, is a pretty dahlia that the nursery was blowing out. I knew it would make a perfect fall planter. Just keep deadheading the old blooms and it will provide a multitude of new blooms.

Fall updated planter with ornamental corn and lantana
Yellow dahlia with peach tips

I hope you enjoyed my tour of inexpensive fall decorating ideas!

Below are links to similar or the same products as shown in my home. Unfortunately, many of the items I have are older so it was hard to find the exact match but I found some great replacements.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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  • Nicolle
    October 26, 2022

    Crystal I love all of these ideas! I hope you will come link up over at my weekly link party for a chance to be featured! https://www.ourtinynest.com/2022/10/26/wednesday-link-party-319/

    • Crystal
      October 29, 2022

      Thanks so much Nicolle! Thank you also for the invite! I just added a couple of links. Wow it is so popular – I am on the 4th page!!!

  • Missy
    October 29, 2022

    So many great ideas! Inside and out! And, your home is the perfect backdrop for any kind of seasonal decorating!

    • Crystal
      October 29, 2022

      Thanks so much Missy – you are so kind!

  • Donna
    October 29, 2022

    Hi Crystal! I enjoyed seeing all the festive Fall touches you added to your beautiful home! Hope you’re having a fabulous Fall season! Blessings, Donna