Recently, I was trying to come up unique Valentine’s day decorations. I had this old window hanging around for a long time which was waiting for the perfect project. Then it dawned on me…it would be fun to try a new way of displaying some “love” in an unexpected way. So let’s get started…

Step 1 – Prepare the window

As you can see it was in pretty rough shape. It even had a broken pane!

Vintage window

My husband removed the broken shards and I gave it a thorough cleaning. The other side was already painted an antique white so I decided to leave it as I wanted the age to remain evident as it gives it more character. Also, instead of replacing the pane of glass I thought it would be more interesting to add in some chicken wire in it’s place.

Vintage window with chicken wire

Step 2 – Gather your materials

For this project you will need:

  • an old window with multiple panes
  • two different styles of lace
  • wire – 18 gauge
  • form for the heart (cookie cutter, heart box, wood heart, etc)
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • variety of twine and ribbon
  • optional: beads for decorating the hearts
  • chicken wire if your window is broken
  • small wreath with bird in it
  • small wood birdhouse and paint to match one of the pieces of lace
  • other ornaments as you like to decorate the window.
Materials for romancing a vintage window project

Step 3 – Create pretty lace hearts

Options for making a heart

Before heading back to the window, it is time to make some pretty lace hearts to hang on it. The first thing you will need is a form to wrap the wire around. I found a cookie cutter, a tin and my husband made me a wood heart with a nail in it so I could wrap the wire around it as you will see below.

Wood heart wire frame

Leave the bottom wires of the heart a little long and twist them as you will be wrapping the lace around it. Make a variety of different sized hearts. I made one with the form and the others I just did with my hands.

Lay the wire hearts on the lace.

wire hearts on lace

Trim the lace quite close to the wire.

wire hearts on lace

Put a thin line of glue on the heart about 4 inches long and then fold the lace over. The go to the opposite side and pull the lace so it lays smoothly, run a line of glue on the wire and then fold the lace over. Continue moving from side to side so that the lace lays flat across the heart.

wire lace hearts

Trim the excess lace. Get creative with the lace. As you will see below I layered the white lace over the peach lace to create some more interest.

Next it is time to choose some lace for bows and twine to create loops to hang the lace hearts from. I simply tied a bow and hot glued it to the top of the heart. With regard to the loops, I made each of the loops larger than the next so that three hearts could hang together and be staggered. I did not want them to overlap one another as I wanted them all to be visible.

Save one heart and do not put a loop on it. Remember, if you want to be glitzy, add beads or rhinestones. As I was going for a bit of a garden romantic feel and because my window was quite rustic, I kept it minimal.

lace hearts

Here are the finished hearts.

Lace adorned hearts

They are so sweet and I actually use them all year long so they aren’t just Valentine’s day decorations! Even better right?

Step 4 – Find a love letter

This is such a fun part of this project.

Love letter from Johnny Cash to June

I thought a love letter hanging in one of the panes would be cute. For this you could use one of your own personal love letters from your partner or maybe a former love interest if you are presently single, but don’t put up anything that is going to leave you feeling sad. You could even find little notes from your children and use them instead.

I decided to search up famous love letters and there are actually quite a few. I loved this one from Johnny Cash to his wife June. It reads as follows:

“Hey June

That’s really nice June. You’ve got a way with words and and a way with me as well.

The fire and excitement may be gone now that we don’t go out there and sing anymore, but the ring of fire still burns around you and I, keeping our love hotter than a pepper sprout.

Love John”

I found this online and printed it off. Easy peasy!

I have to admit, every time I read this letter it makes me smile. It isn’t often that a man writes to his sweetheart and finding a letter from one who does is very heart warming.

Choose one of the panes to hang the letter in and then hot glue a clip in a position so that the letter will be centered in the pane. Then clip the letter in place as seen in the photo above.

Step 5 – Add some interest to the window

I had a little birdhouse that I painted peach to match the lace as I wanted to add something so that I could hang the hearts I had made.

On a lower pane, I also hung one of the hearts by a clip in the same fashion that I did the love letter.

Birdhouse with hearts hanging

For more interest, I added a garden shovel door knocker to the bottom because it was taking on a bit of a garden theme. Lastly, on the chicken wire, I hung a little wreath with a bird on it.

It is up to you, what you hang in each spot. I played around with it and moved things from here to there until I felt it was balanced and appealing. Not every pane has to be filled and actually leaving a few blank is attractive.

Step 6 – Create a vignette

I created two vignettes. One was more of a garden theme with a birdhouse, a natural wood candlestick and some thin gold candlesticks on a burlap runner for more ambience.

Vintage window decorated for Valentines

The second was very romantic and feminine.

Vintage window decorated for Valentines

I found a tin jug and filled it with a faux pink bouquet, place the window on a vintage table runner and lit a mason jar candle. Voila! Isn’t it pretty?

It’s not just a Valentine’s day decoration! Have fun and change it up!

This is not solely for Valentine’s. It is easy to change it over and make it suitable for any season. For example:


Replace the love letter with a favorite seed packet. Swap out the hearts for a small bouquet of lavender. Switch out the white heart for a poem about flowers.


Replace the love letter with a postcard from a favorite summer destination. Replace the hearts with strands of shells. Swap out the lace heart for photo of you on a holiday.


Replace the love letter with a large red maple leaf. Hang a bundle of dried grasses where the hearts hang. Switch out the white lace heart for a beautiful fall photo.


Replace the love letter with an old Christmas card. Hang some evergreens from the birdhouse (perhaps even paint it). Switch out the bird on the wreath for a small red berry wreath. Switch out the white heart for printout of one of your favorite Christmas songs.

Thank you

As always, thank you for tuning in to my latest Valentine’s day decorations diy. I hope you enjoyed it and that it inspires you to create something romantic. Even if it is just a token of love for yourself! How lovely that would be!

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Once again, thank you so very much for reading through to the end. I greatly appreciate it! As always, I really like to hear from you so please leave me a message below.

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  • Jayne @ Chalking Up Success
    January 21, 2022

    I got so much inspiration from your vintage window vignette! I love how you made and decorated the hearts – so pretty! That love letter though, what a great idea! Thanks for the inspo!

    • Crystal
      January 21, 2022

      Thank you so very much Jayne! It sure is seeming like the big hit were the lace hearts – I think I may turn them into their own project 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and what a pleasure to hop along with you!

  • Bentley
    January 21, 2022

    Wow! That was a Chalkablock full blog. full of great ideas and information. Good job 👏

    • Crystal
      January 21, 2022

      Yay!!! So happy that you like it! Thanks for supporting me in this journey!

  • Janet
    January 21, 2022

    This is such a great idea. I’m going to take some of your ideas and put them to use on a couple of old frames I have sitting on my entry table. I think the lacy hearts and the little wreath would fit perfect with the other things I have in that area. Thanks for sharing. Pinned.

    • Crystal
      January 21, 2022

      Thank you so very much Janet! I am so glad that they will come in handy. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this blog hop together – your efforts and talents are greatly appreciated!

  • Kimberly J Snyder
    January 22, 2022

    I love love love love love this idea! Thank you for sharing it! It was fun hopping with you! Did i mention I love this window idea?

    • Crystal
      January 25, 2022

      Hahaha thanks so very much Kimberly! What an awesome blog hop! Looking forward to many more!

  • Sonya
    January 22, 2022

    Super cute idea and I always love using old windows in new and creative ways. The added touch of the personal letter is fantastic and so special. So happy to be on the hop with you, pinning for later.

    • Crystal
      January 25, 2022

      Thank you so very much Sonya! Glad you enjoyed it! What a fun blog hop!!!

  • Cindy
    January 22, 2022

    Crystal this is a great project. Love the letter from Johnny to June.

    Your lace hearts are very pretty and romantic


    • Crystal
      January 25, 2022

      Thank you so very much Cindy! So glad you liked the love letter!

  • Renae
    January 22, 2022

    Such a clever idea. I never thought of using a hanger wire for the heart frame. Happy hopping with you. Hugs and blessings to you,

    • Crystal
      January 25, 2022

      Thanks so very much Renae! What a fun blog hop!

  • Alicia
    January 23, 2022

    Those lace hearts are everything! Love that so much, so feminine and romantic. Definitely pinning this.

    • Crystal
      January 25, 2022

      Thank you so very much! Yes the lace hearts have definitely been a hit!

  • Rebecca
    January 23, 2022

    Crystal, I love your pretty lace hearts. I’ve never seen them made that way with wire. I love how you displayed them on the old window frame. Very lovely! It was nice hopping with you. Pinned!

    • Crystal
      January 25, 2022

      Thanks so much Rebecca! Glad I could share a new way of making lace hearts! Thanks for pinning!

  • Lynne Zemaitis
    January 23, 2022

    What a pretty Valentines vignette you created! I love the lace hearts and the love letter is such a sweet touch! It was so much fun to hop with you! Pinned!

    • Crystal
      January 25, 2022

      Thanks so very much Lynne! Glad you enjoyed it and yes what a fun blog hop!

  • Juliet
    January 25, 2022

    Such a clever revamp, Crystal. Love the Valentine vignette and ideas for seasonal change ups. xo

    • Crystal
      January 28, 2022

      Thanks so much Juliet!

  • Tammy
    January 28, 2022

    Crystal, this is such a sweet Valentine’s Day project. I love the hearts and the sweet note that you attached to the window frame. How special is this darling vignette.

    • Crystal
      January 28, 2022

      Thanks so much Tammy! Doesn’t that note just make your heart melt!!!

  • Julie Briones
    February 4, 2022

    So fun to have found you blog, Crystal! Love this vintage window display for Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the tutorial, too! We would love for you to link-up at Tuesday Turn About via My Wee Abode! We close tonight at midnight CST, and reopen each Tuesday at 5pm CST! Hope to see you there!

    • Crystal
      February 5, 2022

      Thank you so much Julie! You bet I will join this Tuesday. Thanks for the invite!!!

  • Rachel
    January 16, 2024

    This is so beautiful! You have such an eye for a delicate and pretty aesthetic. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. P.S I have been looking for an old pretty window for so long, how does everyone find these! Ha!

    • Crystal
      January 16, 2024

      Thanks so much Rachel! They are hard to find but I usually find them on facebook marketplace and at garage and estate sales. Good luck in finding one!

  • Kristy Mastrandonas
    January 17, 2024

    Crystal, your creativity astounds me! I absolutely love how you’ve repurposed a vintage window and created those darling lace hearts. I also love that you can use this either of these for any season, not just Valentine’s Day!

    • Crystal
      January 17, 2024

      Thanks so much Kristy! This is one of my favorite projects.

  • Missy
    January 17, 2024

    I love ow versatile this project it. You can change it with every season. I think the Johnny Cash letter is such a fun, unique touch! Pinned!

    • Crystal
      January 17, 2024

      Thank you so very much Missy!

  • Erin
    January 17, 2024

    I love this idea, Crystal. The lace hearts are a beautiful DIY on their own, and that letter makes the window vignette so special! Beautiful post!

    • Crystal
      January 17, 2024

      Thanks so much Erin!

  • Rosemary Palmer
    January 21, 2024

    So pretty and romantic looking. I used to use a lot of windows in decoratint when we had a house. So many uses for them.

    • Crystal
      January 31, 2024

      Thank you very much Rosemary!!!