When thinking of traditional autumn colors, one usually thinks of red, orange, copper, bronze and yellow.  While pretty, sometimes you might just want to change things up a bit.  This fall, I craved something new and was on the hunt for a new source of inspiration.  It didn’t take long because on my next visit to Hobby Lobby I found my inspiration.  A beautiful pink and cream fall wreath was in the front showcase.  It said cozy, feminine, country, delicate and interesting all at the same time and I was thrilled because it was in my favorite color, blush pink.  I knew it would look beautiful on any of our doors to our home, or in my kitchen or dining room, but the perfect spot for it would be the door to my greenhouse.  That was all that was needed to steer me away from the usual fall color scheme to PINK FALL DECOR!

Pink blush and cream wreath on a green house window
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Before, I jump into all the beautiful ways to decorate with pink fall decor, I should mention that it is time for another instalment of The Designing Women Tell All.  Each month myself and two other interior designers get together to share our knowledge and experience with regard to an interior or exterior design topic.  This month we are covering fall decor.  At the end of this post, I will share links and info on Kristy and Sheri’s posts.  Make sure to check them out because you will love all that they share.

​Pink fall decor – Let’s start in the greenhouse

Look how beautiful the pink fall wreath looks on the door to my greenhouse!  I knew it would be perfect!

Pink wreath on a greenhouse door with pink fall mums and a garden bike

Flanked with pink mums in concrete urns and more mums in old farmhouse pails, a few strands of pink wheat poking out of the antique mailbox and my old garden bike, it was picture perfect and all I had hoped it would be.

Because I can never just be happy with the first thing I try, I changed it up a bit and put blush pink roses in my vintage mailbox and I thought that looked even prettier.

Blush pink roses in vintage mailbox

Inside, I made it all cozy with a few of my favorite things such as my mother-in-law’s wicker settee that I covered with the sweetest pink and white vintage style quilt.  On the floor, is also my mother-in-law’s round carpet that we inherited.  Pink mums on either side bring a pop of color along with other pink decor such as the pink throw pillow on my wicker chair.

Greenhouse with pink fall decor including a settee with a pink quilt and pink mums

Have you noticed the curtains?  I made these by first pressing some beautiful pink stocks from my garden and adhering them to the sheer curtains.  Don’t they look pretty?

Settee in a greenhouse with pink quilt and pink wheat

I think they actually look like they are embroidered.  I will be sharing all the details on how I made them next week, when I share a whole series on pressed flowers.

Pink pressed stocks on curtain

A few plush pumpkins, a white sweater pumpkin and a real pink heirloom pumpkin complete the look.  Mixing the pink colors with neutral colors gives it a lovely vintage feel of well loved pieces being mixed together.

White sweater pumpkin with a real pink pumpkin and a faux sunflower

While this is set up in my greenhouse, you could use all of these ideas to decorate your living room, family room, sitting room or even bedroom.

I used to think that Christmas was the coziest time of the year but when I see how pretty this turned out, I am beginning to think fall is!

Next up, let’s check out my dining room

My dining room is always one of my favorite spots to decorate. This new pink fall decor made it so easy.

First – the dining table.  I started with a very faded blush pink lace table cloth, layered with a soft creamy white runner.  

Vintage pink lace tablecloth with a white runner, hydrangea and pink table settings

The centerpiece begins with an pink heirloom pumpkin in the middle with the pink wheat spreading out on either side. Gold candleholders, white velvet pumpkins, pink depression glass pieces and sprigs of dried hydrangea finish the look.

Pink fall decor tablescape

The table setting layers starts with a rose gold charger, a white china plate on top and finally my grandmother’s vintage pink rose china plate on the very top.  Rose gold cutlery, a white linen napkin with a gold “Thankful” napkin ring finish off the setting.

Pink fall decor and gold table setting

On the china cabinet, I started with a green glass jug filled with faux white and rose autumn leaves.  In the center, is my favorite gold mirror with three bouquets of blush roses in front capturing the reflection.  

Triple blush rose bouquets in front of gold mirror

Off to the right, is a large gold bowl with a candleholder inside. The base is filled with dried hydrangea and faux white pumpkins.

Gold bowl filled with dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins with a candleholder in the middle

It is fun to create decorative vignettes throughout a room to keep the theme going. So make little groupings of your favorite pieces and find unique places to put them.

Pink depression glass jug with pink wheat, hydrangea and white velvet pumpkin

Did you notice that the table decor isn’t too fussy or overdone, yet it still looks amazing?  

Simple ways like what I have shown here can make your life easier when it comes to decorating. When it comes to setting a table, less often is more!

Pink depression glass cream & sugar

Next, let’s head out to our outdoor dining area 

Once again, the pink mums take centerstage with this beautiful fall tablescape.  Mums are an affordable way to bring fall inspiration to your home.  

Pink mums in rattan baskets in front of an outdoor table

Placing the mums in the rattan baskets takes them up a notch. It makes them look so much better than just leaving them in their pots.  A white basket would have also been nice.

The pink mums look so beautiful against the navy table runner in the background.  Speaking of navy, it is the perfect complement to a pink fall color palette.  Look how lovely this navy velvet pumpkin looks nestled in pink dried hydrangea.

Dried pink and cream hydrangea with navy blue velvet pumpkin

Lastly, come look at our sweet back entry

Perhaps you are getting sick of seeing so many pink mums? Look how lovely they are next to the crisp white gates and the lumpy pink pumpkin. That is not a faux pumpkin but such a nice change to the colorful pumpkins we usually see everywhere.  I loved seeing the pink undertones on this pumpkin.

Pink mums with pink pumpkin

Could pink be your new fall color inspiration?

Are you a long time fan of traditional fall colors or could this blush pink color scheme become a new favorite?  

As you have seen, it really is simple.  It could be as minimal as just adding pink pumpkins in one area of your home such as your front door.  

It is a good to experiment with different colors because you never know what might truly appeal to your heart.  We often go with the flow just doing what is expected but I encourage you to change things up and experiment. I bet you will enjoy yourself and delight your family and friends!

Other fall color inspiration

Remember how I said that navy was great with pink?  Well look at these gorgeous navy and gold pumpkin topiaries I made.  They brought my table to a whole new level of sophistication. If you would like to learn more about this project, just click this link.

Navy pumpkin topiary in a fall tablescape

As you will see in this next project, this isn’t the first time I have worked with pink in fall.  Last year I created hydrangea inspired pink gold leaf pumpkins and I loved it.  If you would like to learn more about this project, just click here.

Hydrangea inspired pink pumpkin

Next up – Let’s check out what the other Designing Women have to say about fall decor!

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Kristy from At Home with Kristy is from Texas is a homebody at heart and very passionate about creating a warm & welcoming home environment for family and friends. Kristy has a BS Interior Design and has worked as an Interior Designer for 35 years specializing in Residential Interior Design. She is a planner, perfectionist, & big picture thinker, but also loves getting lost in the weeds perfecting every detail. Kristy loves sharing her knowledge and expertise to inspire, encourage and empower others.  This month Kristy is sharing how to transform your kitchen into a charming fall haven.

Fall sunflower breakfast dishes

Sheri from Savvy in the Suburbs is also from Texas owned and operated a successful interior design business for most of her adult life.  Now she is enjoying fluffing her own nest, spending time with her family – three married children and five grandchildren, and growing in her relationship with the Lord. As she joyfully enters the last season of her life, she relishs family time and believes in the old adage: God first, family second, all else third. She is enjoying the opportunity to share this truth as well as her years of design expertise and love of all things home.  This month Sheri is sharing all her tips on how to decorate your porch for fall.

Fall Hanging Centerpiece

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Fall wheat wreath

Wheat wreath

Pink velvet pumpkins

Embroidered vintage style tablecloth

Lace tablecloth

Vintage garden mailbox

Vintage mailbox

Rose gold charger

Rose gold cutlery

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  • Kim
    September 22, 2023

    Just gorgeous, Crystal! I love all of the pink for fall!

    • Crystal
      October 14, 2023

      Thank you so very much Kim!!!

  • Kristy Mastrandonas
    September 23, 2023

    Oh my goodness, Crystal, I absolutely love, love, love everything about your beautiful pink Fall decor! It’s hard to pick one favorite thing because every space and detail is so fabulous!

    From your greenhouse with pretty pink & cream wreath, adorable pressed flower draperies and amazing pink mums to your beautiful dining room spaces that are appointed to Fall perfection, and lastly that lumpy bumpy pink pumpkin with a personality of its own…I love it all!

    Thank you for showing us how pink is perfectly suited for Fall decorating. I’m already thinking of ways I can incorporate it in my Fall decorations next year!

    • Crystal
      September 23, 2023

      Thanks so much Kristy! You noticed every single different item I incorporated and I appreciate that. So happy to have you in my life!!!

  • Donna
    September 25, 2023

    Hi Crystal! Everything looks so beautiful, you have won me over to using pink for Fall! A lot of my decor is neutral this year but I would not have thought to use pink! Thanks for all the gorgeous inspiration! Happy Fall!

    • Crystal
      October 14, 2023

      Yay!!! That makes me so happy! Yes come over to the pink side hahaha!!!

  • Sheri
    September 26, 2023

    I’m in LOVE with all the pink! Your greenhouse is so pretty and so fun! Love all the beautiful details you’ve added here!!! Just stunning! And your sweet, pretty dining room is so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!

    • Crystal
      October 3, 2023

      Thank you so very much Sheri!