Have you ever visited a flower farm? I never had because they were always so far away but my daughter brought it to my attention that there was a new flower farm in our area. So we made the 1.5 hour trek to visit it for my birthday and as an extra bonus they were having a sunflower festival! Can you imagine a field full of sunflowers? How heavenly!!!

The Journey

We traveled north to Armstrong, BC and then headed west into a farming community. Nothing but quiet winding roads, big open fields and barns. It was so picturesque. As we got closer bright yellow “BLOOM” signs pointed us in the right direction. We were here at last. Parking was easy and all staff were friendly and helpful.

As we walked down the dirt road to the field, large pieces ash from a huge forest fire fell. We were amazed when out of the sky a foot long evergreen branch dropped in front of us. Burnt on one end told the story that a beautiful fir tree had lost it’s life in the fire. That may seem dramatic to you, but the forest fires have been devastating this year. I am a tree hugger and an animal lover so when I see ash and embers, it breaks my heart thinking of all the trees and wildlife we are losing.

“Like a Sky with a Thousand Suns”

Ok, so let’s get back to the fun. The walk was lovely as it was through farm land and it was so quiet and peaceful. We picked the right day as there were not too many people. The main field of sunflowers are a variety named “Solana”. They are about 6 feet tall with heads that are about 8 to 12″ in diameter with bright yellow petals and a deep brown centre. The bees love them!

Solana Sunflower

The slogan for the festival is “Like a sky with a thousand suns” and that is so apropos! As I gazed out upon the field it did feel like so many sunny faces were smiling at us.

Get ready for photo ops!

For fun, they have placed interesting objects throughout the field to provide the guests with great photo ops. So get ready, you are about to see a lot of photos of my lovely daughter as she agreed to be my model for the day.

The first one we came up was this cute basket from a hot air balloon.

Hot air balloon in a sunflower field

then there was a saddle…

Side saddle in a sunflower field

and a bathtub…

Bathtub in a sunflower field

and even a piano…

Piano in a sunflower field

and last but not least this cute old truck.

Old truck

At the end of the sunflower field was a cutting garden made up of an assortment of sunflowers from bright yellows, to mellow ivories with pink to deep burgundies and bronzes. Jenna and I went our separate ways and collected our flowers. Secretly, while I loved having a bouquet of sunflowers, I was really after the seeds. These beauties will be gracing my garden next summer! Just as we were departing the garden, a photographer asked my daughter to pose for a photo and then she gave her a large bouquet of sunflowers!!! What a lovely surprise!

Jenna with bucket of sunflowers

One more surprise…

Just as I thought our little excursion was over, the most beautiful thing happened. We walked down the long dirt bath, the sun was setting and a beautiful warm glow was falling on the entire farm. It was picturesque, awe inspiring and just one of those moments…a special moment. What did I see up in front of us, but lights cascading from the barn out to a garden of colourful and vibrant flowers. How did I miss this as we walked in? What a delight! One more gift!

I am so happy that I missed it when arriving because it was such a special way to end the day. When I thought the best was over, I was treated to yet another experience where sunlight tip-toed and danced over a colourful field of flowers. This was an experience that will be in my memory forever. So many of my flowers were devoured by marmots and chipmunks this summer, that seeing this field of multi coloured flowers soothed my soul and at the same time excited my mind.

Fields of flowers

Could a flower farm be in my future?

Instantly, I could see how fitting a flower farm would be on our property. Sure we would have our challenges, such as getting enough soil in to cover up a lot of the rocky areas, but once it was done, we would have gently rolling hills of flowers with the lake in the background! Can you see it? I sure can. Of course, Bentley just sighed at the thought of all the work. Relax Bentley, this is a dream and a hope for the future. If you aren’t familiar with our acreage and the story of our property, click on this link – you are going to love the story!

The flowers will tell the rest of the story…

So I am going to leave you with photos of the flower garden. No need for words, the flowers tell a million stories all on their own. Let your imagination run wild and listen for their stories.

Fiery Celosia

Pink flowers

Pink Daisy
Barn & picnic tables

Top of barn

Top of barn

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tour. If you want to learn more about “Bloom”, click on this link.

Until next time, I wish days with pretty views and unexpected surprises!

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  • Marieza
    September 5, 2021

    What an amazing experience! Their flowers are gorgeous. I’m guessing they don’t have deer roaming around…

    • Crystal
      September 5, 2021

      I am glad you enjoyed it. That was my thought too! Where are the deer and marmots? How nice not to have to put up tall fences every where

  • melba
    September 7, 2021

    WOW! I so enjoyed this post! Of course! LOL! it involved flowers. I can’t believe the beauty in every corner and that barn! Please! So happy you had such an amazing time, it just looks beyond gorgeous there.