I have scoured the internet and magazines to find out what the hottest 2024 home design trends are and what is out!  All of the articles I referred to were Interior Designers’ home design predictions for the new year.  Will they be right about these new trends?  Only the coming year will tell us what resonated with consumers and what didn’t.  Personally, I only use trends to get my creativity flowing and to see if something inspires me to make a change in my own home.  

I was happy to see a few of the home decor trends were ones we incorporated into the build of our home or ones that we recently added.  It is nice to see that you are on trend.  On the flip side a few of the trends that are “out” are ones that we had wholeheartedly embraced in our home design like a white kitchen and the color gray.  

Am I upset that these trends are out?  No, it does not bother me one bit because I brought so many hardwood samples home and they all turned pink, purple or green in our lighting.  I believe this was due to the large windows that allow so much light in and the surrounding landscape.  I chose the most neutral colored flooring I could find so all is good. 

With regard to a white kitchen – well I will be a white kitchen girl until the day I die. White kitchens allow me to embrace all the trending colors so easily which I find very satisfying.

About trends though, I would never suggest changing things up just to stay current but if you are looking for ways to incorporate some of the new interior trends, I am here to help you with that.

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Before we go any further I should mention that this is another edition of the series “Designing Women Tell All”. Each month, I am joined by Kristy and we share all our tips, knowledge and experience with regard to designing homes. After I cover the trends, you will find a link to Kristy’s post as well.

So let’s get started!

Architectural Elements and Design Features

Double height living rooms 

The experts at House Beautiful say that double-height living rooms are definitely in.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I read that – just kidding I did not even though we have one 🙂  

This is a great option if you are building your home or taking on a serious home renovation.  Don’t be blasting through your roof or taking out part of your second floor to achieve this though unless it is something your heart desires.

We incorporated a double-height living room as a focal point due to the view and I am glad we did.  Our living room feels very airy and bright even though it faces North.  With our dreary winters, this abundance of light really helps with the winter-time blues.

Two story living room with a lake view

It is not all rainbows and puppies though with a double height living room.  The problems we have encountered with this design feature are that:

  • it is very hard to hear our TV as the sound bounces up and all over the room and
  • heat does rise to the upper floor.  

We looked at ways to rectify the sound issue but they were neither within our budget nor attractive.  

Two story living room with stone fireplace and floor to ceiling windows

In the end, however, neither of these are major issues so I give two thumbs up to this trend!

Living room of beach house with iron catwalk and glass railings

Exposed Staircases

Exposed staircases are the ones where there are no sides or backs on the stairs and you can look through.  We have this type of staircase in our home and here is what you need to know before considering them:

1.  You need an engineer to design and sign off on it (at least in Canada it is required by the building code); and

2.  You need to build proper supports into the home framing to accommodate them.

While there is a little more that goes into the planning stage, I am happy we did it.  

Exposed stairs

The reasons why we did this were

1) we wanted to capture the view and

2) we wanted natural light to brighten the staircase because it is three levels deep.  

What would otherwise be a dark bottom level is bright due to the windows in the stairwell.

Exposed stairs with glass railing

It definitely gives our home a more modern vibe and sometimes I have longed for more traditional enclosed stairs but then I remember that I would be missing out on all these great views and the brightness so I am glad we went with this style.

A pro to this style is how easy they are to clean because nothing gets caught in the corners between the treads and the risers.

I would not suggest this stair style for people with young children because they might be a little dangerous and hard to learn to climb stairs on.

Secondary Spaces

Secondary spaces, otherwise known as butler’s pantries, back kitchens, or wet bars, are a fast growing must-have in most homes. Whether you use them for storing bulk food items, or an extra meal prep area or a bar with additional refrigeration or wine storage, these spaces are incredibly helpful to have.  

The first time I learned of a secondary kitchen was when my husband was helping his father build homes in Vancouver for an influx of Hong Kong buyers.  It is custom for their culture to have a type of back kitchen with a huge hood fan. This is where they prepare things like stir fries using oil to cook food with spices that have a lot of odor.  At the time, I thought it was a brilliant idea but truly only for the mega wealthy.  Now 30 years later, they are becoming a common feature in new builds.

These areas can be quite useful at storing items like air fryers, large blenders or food processors, toaster ovens, espresso machines, or a second microwave. 

One of my favorite pantries is Kylie’s of Trueman’s Treasures. Her pantry has so much great storage, serves a lot of purposes yet is still beautiful and stylish. Come check out her post where she shares all of her tips on designing an amazing pantry by clicking here.

Beautiful pantry with a window

Personally, this is where we use and store our toaster oven and air fryer.  The majority of the space is used to store all my extra home decor such as fancy glassware, serving dishes, charcuterie boards, serving trays, etc.  The only thing I would have done differently is to have made it larger.

Window Seats

I am happy to see window seats making a come back (House Beautiful).  Window seats not only look good but they are such a nice place to read a book, gaze at the outdoors and daydream.  Something about being right next to a window makes me feel like I am outside without either the heat, cold or rain.  

Window seat with navy and white pillows and white throw

Design-wise they are nice place to have fun with a beautiful or bold fabric on the cushions and pillows. Under the seat, is also a great storage place.

Color & Finishes


We knew it was only a matter of time, but House Beautiful, Architectural Digest and Elle Decor all say that brown is the standout color that will take center stage and will replace gray and stark whites.

Look at this beautiful Pottery Barn room fully decked out in shades of brown and other warm earthy colors. It is so relaxing and cozy!

Blue everything  

Forbes, Architectural Digest, HGTV and Living Spaces are all throwing their support of blue and not just blue wall color, they are saying blue everything such as rugs, accessories, furniture, etc.

When I checked out some of the biggest paint companies their 2024 color of the year was also blue such as:

  • Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova,
  • Sherwin William’s Upward,
  • C2’s Thermal,
  • Dunn Edwards Skipping Stones,
  • Krylon’s Bluebird,
  • Minwax’s Bay Blue, and
  • Valspar’s Renew Blue.

That is a lot of blue.  The ranges of blue are everything from the palest of blues to some very deep, strong blues and even some gray blues.  I think there is something for everyone.

I have always been a fan of blue so I am thrilled with this trend and will embrace it. Speaking of embracing a trend, check out Pottery Barn’s blue tablescape. Blue napkins, dishes, chairs and rug paired with natural woods – my heart is skipping a beat at this combination!

Warmer hues

Now if blue is not your favorite you are in luck because another high contender for a very popular color for 2024 are shades of peach and apricot (Architectural Digest).   

Target definitely is embracing the peach tones as seen in their spring pillow line shown below.

Target spring pillow line showing 4 pillows stacked on each other

If blue and peach are not your thing, then you are in luck as Southern Living says that earthy tones will be hot.  So everything from tans, browns, rusts, and greens are coming in strong.  

This all reminds me of the earthy color palettes of the 70’s.  I cannot say it was my favorite but maybe in some small doses it will find it’s way into my home.

Paint techniques

2024 is forecast to be the year where we paint the entire room out which means the ceiling, walls and trim all get painted the same color.  

As well, Elle Decor says that textured walls are on their way back in and high gloss walls are out.  Textures like plaster, subtle stucco, limestone, hand woven wall coverings and brick are all textures to be on the look out for.


When it comes to metal finishes House Beautiful and Architectural Digest say that chrome, steel and aluminum will be popular while Good Housekeeping says brass will stay as a top metal finish.

With regard to hardware, the more textural the better and we should be treating it like jewelry on our cabinetry.  

We used these beautiful cut black and gold pulls on our bathroom vanities and they truly are like jewelry.  They took a Home Depot vanity and glammed it up in a subtle way.

Powder room with large scale wallpaper, white vanity and gold framed rectangle mirror
Black and gold knob


Good Housekeeping says to expect wallpaper in unexpected places like closets and linen closets.  This trend delights me and I would love to give it a try this year.

Another trend that we did see starting in 2023 but will be much stronger in 2024 is bigger than life blooms.  As an example, we did this in our powder room and could not be happier.  It feels like I am a small bug when I walk into the powder room and it fills me with wonder and joy.  It is bright and cheery and oh so beautifully done.  Click here if you would like to see the whole post.

Blue Wild Meadow garden wallpaper wall mural by Photowall in a powder room


Natural wood and wood panelling are also making a come back and replacing all white walls.  

Everywhere I look people are adding moldings to their walls like this photo below which is a theme room from Williams Sonoma.

Williams Sonoma panelling in living room with fireplace

I am also seeing vertical slat wood being added as a feature wall in the entry, home office and recreational-type rooms.  

Other finishes

HGTV says when it comes to picking finishes for your home in 2024, think “luxurious” natural materials like white oak, Italian limestone, flax linen, and soft textures like alpaca wool throws like the one shown below.

Furniture & Accessories

When it comes to furniture design, especially in the category of sofas we are getting away from uncomfortable modern sofas with straight lines and a sterile feel to “quiet luxury” which means comfortable furniture made with high quality materials. The furniture below is all from Restoration Hardware and I am loving how comfy those sofas and chairs look. The round end table is a smart and attractive design.

Restoration Hardware Living room

Modular (l-shaped) sofas are back in.  That brown sectional of mine is getting more in style by the minute :))))

Christmas living room

Architectural Digest says it will be all about “romantacism”.  Bigger than life blooms and florals on bedding, pillows, and area rugs.  

Vintage bench with quilt, pink and green pillows and needlepoint art work

HGTV says when it comes to home decor for 2024 vintage finds, patterned quilts, and flower market prints will be oh so desirable.

Pottery Barn bedroom with blue quilt on bed

Record players are going to continue to be in style.

Elle decor is wild about boucle and wants to see more of it in our homes.  Target has this cute boucle kitchen set (see below).

Target boucle kitchen set

They also say this is the year of the artisan so where possible replace manufactured accessories with some handmade from an artisan.

Southern Living wants us to embrace fun loving lampshades and 70’s inspired wall coverings and fabrics.  Why am I feeling a “Three’s Company” vibe coming our way?

What’s out…

As I list what the interior design experts say is out, always keep in mind – IT IS YOUR HOME AND YOU SHOULD SURROUND YOURSELF WITH WHAT YOU LOVE!!!  When your guests come in your unique design style should show through.  

Never, never, never be a slave to other people’s opinions.  

The purpose of this post is to provide you with some information in case you are looking for inspiration and direction.

So drumroll please…

This is what is apparently out for 2024:

  • gray
  • all white kitchens.
  • sliding barn doors
  • minimalism
  • benches in the dining room

In Summary…

​For 2024 it would appear that the overarching trends are warm colors and the use of natural and interesting materials.  Gone are the days of the cold, sleek look, unlived-in spaces. In are beautiful warm spaces in earth tones, rich browns and all shades of blue.  Homes are supposed to have a lived-in look rather than looking like they are prepared for a photo shoot.   These trend predictions I feel are more attainable and liveable and honestly more realistic.

​I hope you enjoyed this look through the predicted top 2024 home design trends! Now let’s check in with Kristy to see what she sees as 2024 home design trends.

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Kristy from At Home with Kristy is from Texas. She is a homebody at heart and very passionate about creating a warm & welcoming home environment for family and friends. Kristy has a BS Interior Design. She has worked as an Interior Designer for 35 years specializing in Residential Interior Design. She is a planner, perfectionist, & big picture thinker, but also loves getting lost in the weeds perfecting every detail. Kristy loves sharing her knowledge and expertise to inspire, encourage and empower others.  This month Kristy is sharing her picks for the top 10 interior design trends for 2024.

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  • Kristy Mastrandonas
    January 30, 2024

    I loved reading (and seeing) all of these 2024 interior design predictions, Crystal! It’s always great to find out we’re ahead of the curve! I hear you on white kitchens because I will always be a white kitchen girlie too! In my opinion, they’re classic and never go out of style! I cracked up at your 70’s references because some of the trends this year had me thinking the same thing! It’s always a pleasure collaborating with you and I’m so happy that we get to go on this DWTA journey together!

    • Crystal
      January 31, 2024

      Thanks so very much Kristy! My 70’s reference shows my age for sure hahaha!!! Glad you got my joke!