When I was young (20) I was already searching for Valentine’s day decor ideas.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t really a “thing” back than so I had to use my own imagination.  One year, I filled Bentley’s room (we weren’t married yet and he was living at home) with so many balloons he could barely get into his room. He thought it was sweet and all was good.

End of island decorated with Valentines decor

The next year of course, I felt the need to do something more elaborate so I had the bright idea of professing my love for him by sneaking to his house at night and drawing hearts all over his white work van with RED LIPSTICK and then filling it with pink and red balloons.    

I definitely did not think this through and honestly, I am surprised he kept dating me. That really had all the markings of a bit of nutty person, or perhaps a “Fatal Attraction” vibe.

Bentley did appreciate my zeal but he did not want to go to a work site with hearts all over his van so he tried to wash them off.  It was at that point that we both learned that lipstick doesn’t come off easily, in fact, it just smears. He was in a rush to get to work on time and even though he tried very hard to wash them off he ended up with a pink van for the day 🙁

Yes, it was a bit of a disaster but a funny memory that we can look back upon and share with our kids.

Isn’t that one of the best parts of life:

The funny memories?

The sweet memories of young love?

The memories of good intentions going horribly wrong?

Romantic pink heart with gold metallic writing

It’s a group share today!!!

While, I do not do outlandish things anymore, I do like to add some romantic touches to our home for Valentine’s day.  I am very excited to share one project with you but first I also want to let you know that today I am joined by four other talented, romantic bloggers who are sharing their diy’s and entertaining tips for Valentine’s day.  Below I will share a photo of what they are up to for Valentine’s along with details and a link so that you can check them out.  I guarantee you are going to love them!

Valentines tablescape with white and pink dishes

Crystal – Sweet Valley Acres

For my project, I wanted to take something you wouldn’t think of for Valentine’s and romanticize it.  So I found an old, dirty window, cleaned it up and added some homemade pretty lace hearts, a love letter from Johnny Cash to his wife June, and a few other details and then I styled it in two different ways.  Click this link for all the details.

Vintage window decorated for Valentines

Kristy – At Home with Kristy

Next up is Kristy from At Home with Kristy. Kristy is an interior designer and is oh so talented.  Today she is sharing seven different ways to add subtle touches of Valentine’s to many areas of your house such as the dining room, kitchen, living room and more.  She uses items that she already has and she also styles with longevity in mind so that it can stay out longer than just for Valentine’s.  Perfection!!!  Just click here for a link to her post.

Mercury glass bowl with pine cones, a heart and roses

Wendy – WM Design House

Next up is Wendy from WM Design House.  Wendy is truly the Queen of diy’s.  I have never met anyone as creative as she is.  Today she is sharing 13 of the prettiest printable Valentine banners.  Wait until you see these sweet banners made of of X’s and O’, or pretty heart-shaped pillows, or Happy Valentine’s day messages.  You can just print them off and surprise your whole family with these lovely decorations.  Click here for the post.

Always kiss me goodnight sign with Valentine's decor on a mantel

Erin – Erin Evolving

Next up is Erin from Erin Evolving.  Erin is such a lovely soul and her warmth shows through in her styling and beautiful home.  Today she is sharing a lovely way to turn your cloth napkin into a heart which would be perfect for a Valentine’s day dinner or even a galentine’s day party! It is easy but it looks so good!  Click here for her post.

Blue heart napkin on china with silver cutlery

Missy – Sonata Home Design

Last but certainly not least is Missy from Sonata Home Design.  Missy formerly owned a retail home decor store and has an amazing ability to decorate with color and pattern.  This is not easy to do but Missy does it beyond anyone else I have seen.  Today, Missy shares with us how to create a Valentine’s tablescape with a non-traditional color scheme.  Click here for the post.

Blue and white candle with cookies, pink roses, wine bottle and white plate with a heart on it

Thank you!

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed the post and that we inspired you to decorate for Valentine’s day!

Whether your wish is for Valentine’s day decorations for a romantic dinner with white or red roses, taper candles and paper hearts or something more unexpected like an old window, heart-shaped napkins or an unexpected color scheme, I believe we have something for everyone.

Modern freestanding tub all decked out for Valentines

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  • Erin
    January 16, 2024

    So much wonderful Valentine’s Day inspiration!

  • Wendy McMonigle
    January 16, 2024

    That is quite a story! I can only imagine Bentley’s face when he saw red lipstick all over his car! LOL
    Thanks for sharing my post today, I enjoyed reading everyone’s ideas.

    • Crystal
      January 17, 2024

      Haha yes, not the greatest idea but it did turn out funny in the end!

  • KristyMastrandonas
    January 17, 2024

    Oh my goodness Crystal, I love the stories of how yours and Bentley’s love story began! Sweet, sweet stories. I can only imagine trying to get red lipstick off of a car, but sounds like you sealed the deal! I drew red lips on Pete’s bathroom mirror for Valentine’s when we were dating, lol.

    I’m so excited to check out everyone’s Valentine’s Day decor! I know everything is going to be fabulous!

    • Crystal
      January 17, 2024

      Great minds think alike Kristy! Our poor future husbands but I do think red lipstick hearts on his own private mirror was a much wiser choice!

  • Missy
    January 17, 2024

    I love your Valentine courtship stories! I would have loved to have seen that pink van! Thank you so much for sharing my post! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Crystal
      January 17, 2024

      It is fun to think back in time and remember those very awkward moments! All good though he survived and it didn’t include anything horrific like the woman on Fatal Attraction 🙂