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19 Garden Ideas for a Small Space

#1  Unique planters

Anyone can buy a pot at the garden center but if you want to have a really unique garden start looking for things you wouldn’t usually plant - like this chicken feeder.

Lighting can change the whole feel of a garden and make it more useable because you can enjoy it for longer periods of time.


#3 ARBOR   #4 GATE

An arbor is a great way to add height and a focal point to your garden and a gate sets the tone for what is to come.

Both are great ways to define the space, provide privacy and security against animals, and of course element.


Even if you have a tiny garden, try to incorporate a planter filled with flowers that you can cut and bring inside.

#7  cutting garden

Concrete decorations are a wonderful addition because they are unique and they age so beautifully.

Step 2


#9 pretty signs

Pretty signs are something you can add to bring visual interest to even the smallest space.

#10  wreath or wreath alternative

Wreaths hanging on a fence, gate or door are so inviting and cheerful.  They are such a wonderful way to great your family and guests.

Always make sure to have some seating in your garden.  After all the effort you have put into the garden, you need to have somewhere to sit and enjoy the beauty.

#11 outdoor dining #12 seating areas

Scoop the diced avocado flesh out of the skin and onto the toasted bread. Mash the avocado with the back of a fork. 

Step 2


A workspace (potting bench or a desk, are wonderful additions to your garden.  They make gardening easier and they also open a new space to read, write or paint.

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