How to make easy & elegant pumpkin topiaries

“When life gives you pumpkins, make a topiary!”

- Crystal, Sweet Valley Acres


- 3 different sizes of pumpkins and one pot for each topiary you wish to make - navy spray paint & gold acrylic paint & paint brush - hot glue - thin berry garland - moss

You will not believe how easy it is to make these topiaries

Lets get started...

- Remove the stems from the medium & large sized pumpkins. - Sand the shiny surface off the pumpkins.

Flip all the pumpkins upside down and spray paint them navy blue. Let dry. Flip them over.

Check for drips and sand any if you find them. Spray the tops with navy blue spray paint in very light coats so there are no runs. Let dry.

Dry brush the tops of the pumpkins with gold metallic paint


Place the largest pumpkin on a flat surface and place hot glue in the middle of the top.

Place the middle pumpkin on top, then place glue on the bottom of the smallest pumpkin and glue it on top.   

Paint the stem of the smallest pumpkin gold.


Paint the berry garland with gold paint.  Wrap the garland around the topiary and glue.  Stuff the pot with moss and place the topiary on top. 


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