A Romantic Valentine’s Door Hanger DIY that is easy!


Materials: Wood heart  Pink acrylic paint (I used DecoArt Americana Cotton Candy), white, purple & gold paint An assortment of pink and white faux flowers Pink satin ribbon Sponge brush, round paint brush, wire cutter, hot glue gun & glue sticks, scissors

Paint the heart solidly in DecoArt American Cotton Candy acrylic paint

Create a cloudy effect with slightly watered down white paint dabbed on with a round paint brush.

Do the same with purple but try to go in places were the white paint isn't.

Next, follow the process above with the gold paint.  You will use even less of the gold paint and it will just be a light wash in some areas to create some sparkle.

Applying the flowers

Place your largest flower in the center most part of where you want the flowers to go. Then work outwards. Once you are getting a nice design, you should start gluing down so that they don’t move around.

Continue to add flowers right up to the edge.  Fill with smaller flowers.

Add greenery by poking it in between flowers and also by having it spill over outside of the main flower area.

Make sure to wrap the flowers over the edge of the heart.

Tie a long ribbon and bow through the holes at the top of the heart.

Enjoy!!! This Valentine's door hanger or wreath alternative can be hung on doors, walls, mirrors, etc.