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A Unique Christmas Wreath Idea

Are you looking for something unique and unexpected? Let me show you how to make this stunning Father Christmas style hat that you can hang on your front door.

– 1 yard of burgundy fabric (minimum 40" wide) – 30 inches of 4" wide cream colored faux fur trim – 51 inches  of bronzish gold cord – 24 inches of gold embroidered 2" wide trim (if you want your loop shorter you could get less) – 1 faux fur cream colored pom pom – Large floral pics with evergreens, pine cones, leaves,  berries and round ornaments – 3 large jingle bells – Dazzling Metallics acrylic paint in Champagne, Rich Espresso, Pure Gold and Venetian Gold – Thread, needle and sewing machine – Glue gun and glue sticks – Sponge brush and 1/2" wide paint brush – Oasis foam for stuffing the stocking

Body of the hat: Lay out your fabric and use white chalk or a fabric pen to draw a triangle with a 17" base and a height of 39".  Cut that triangle out. Lay the triangle on top of the fabric and trace a second triangle and cut the second triangle out.  Lay the pieces on top of each other with the good sides on the inside. Pin and allow a 1/2" seam on the two long sides of the fabric.  Sew those pieces together. Right side out the stocking cap (ie the good side of the fabric is on the outside).  You may need a stick of some sort to poke out the end of the triangle as it is quite tight in that area.

Handmade textiles from the south of France.

White Fur Trim:  Fold the fur in half, pin at the ends and sew a 1/2" seam.  To attach the fur trim to the stocking cap, the good side of the fur should be facing the bad side of the stocking cap, pin and sew together allowing 1/2" for the seam.  This picture below will help.  Flip the fur over now so that the right side of the fur is showing.

Creating the loop for hanging:  Fold the embroidered trim in half in a U shape.  Make sure the good side of the trim is showing at all times.  Attach the ends of the loop to the middle of the back of the hat. I made the loop 12" in height (ie half of 24") as I wanted to see some of the trim above the greenery. You could also make it even longer and attach it tot the top of a door. To attach the loop I used a sewing machine as it had to be secured strongly to be able to handle the weight of  materials and the evergreens.  Go back and forth several times to ensure it is attached securely.

Attaching a pom pom: The pom poms I purchased came with one snap fastener attached so all I had to do was attach the other fastener to the end of the stocking cap.  I hand stitched it on as seen below and then snapped the pom pom on.  The wispiness of the fur pom pom really added to the old world look.

Visit famed Winery Menegolli, near Verona.

Attaching cords and bells: Cut the cord in lengths of 11", 17" and 24".  Unravel one end of the cord and push it through the hook on the jingle bell.  Make sure the cord is fully wound on the long side of the cord.  Where the three individual pieces of the cord come out of the hook place hot glue around the full wound cord and then wrap the three pieces around as seen below.

Hot glue the ends of the three cords under the fur trim.  My bells were evenly spaced 3 1/2" apart from the bottom of the top jingle bell to top of the bottom jingle bell.  I chose to glue them as it was faster.  You could sew the ends of the cords under the fur trim as an alternative.

Hang the hat on the door with a wreath hook or clear suction cup hook.  It is important to do this in place as you want to ensure that you get the boughs properly placed.  First stuff the widest part of the hat with oasis foam.  Then add two prepared evergreen picks.  Bend the two large picks so that they hang over the edges of the hat and then stuff the hat with pine and cedar. This part truly is a matter of personal preference, some will like it full, some will like it wispy, go with what makes you happy.

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