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2024 Vision Board

It is said that if we put our goals on paper we have a much higher chance of achieving those goals.  The idea is if we keep them visually in front of us, we will be more inclined to work on them and stay focused.  Often people will set the goals out on a Vision Board.

7 Simple Steps to making an interactive Vision Board

Step 1 -  Determine the location and style In order to be successful you need to place the Vision Board in a place you will see it each day. Next you need to pick a cork board with a frame that will look great in the room.  For all the details, please see the full post by clicking below.

Step 2 -  Determine your goals

Take your time when setting goals and: – think about the things you are dissatisfied with in your life and figure out how to improve them. – think about where you presently are at in your life and where you want to be next year at this time, five years, and 10 years from now.  Then think up logical steps you will need to achieve each of those steps. Make sure each goal is SMART as defined below: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound

Step 3 -  Group your goals into categories

Step 4 -  Print off the topic labels Choose a nice font and print off the topics onto a plain white paper. As well you will need a label “SUCCESS”. For the labels, if you are doing the black frame or other colored cardstock around them, you will need to make the cardstock is larger at the top (3/4″ larger than the topic label) so that the clip won’t cover the words.

Step 5 - Pick images to represent goals Remember this is your own vision board so the images you pick should be powerful images to provide you with visual stimulation to achieve the goals.  Make the images speak to you! Once you have a collection of images that represent your goals, print them off.  My images are any where from 2″ by 2″ to 2″ by 4″.

On the back of the image, use a pretty felt pen to write details about this goal using the SMART acronym.  You could also write inspirational quotes on the back or positive affirmations.  Anything that will encourage you to keep going when the going gets tough and put you in a positive mindset will be very helpful in the long run.

Step #6 – Layout your goals on your cork board Cut your twine 3 inches wider than the width of the cork board. Tie the twine ends around the pin of the push pin with a small tail (about an inch).

Next hang the goals off of the twine with clips. I mixed it up and used small wooden clothespins, gold clothespins and gold clamps. I spaced them out over the board to add some interest.

When you achieve a goal, make sure to think back to all that you did to make it that far. Then move the image up to the success line! Write the date on the back of the image of when you achieved it. At the end of the year, you may want save them by putting them into a diary, journal or a scrapbook.

For all the details, click on the link below