A Vintage Window

Ever wondered how to make a broken down window romantic?

Probably not, but let's pretend you said yes.

Let's get started

You will need an old window, some chicken wire, a love letter, and miscellaneous items to your liking.

First clean up the window and paint it:

Remove any broken glass, replace with chicken wire, clean and paint.

Make some pretty hearts:

Find something ♡ shaped and wrap wire around it.

Cover the hearts with lace or fabric:

Lay wire hearts on lace, wrap fabric around edges of wire and hot glue to hold.

Embellish hearts

Add lace bows and loops for hanging.

Find a love letter, whether it is one to you, or a famous one:

This letter is from Johnny Cash to June - oh how sweet their love was!

Add pieces that are meaningful to you

I added a birdhouse to hang the hearts from, a cute bird on a wreath and a lace ♡ hanging from a clothes pin

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