Beautiful White & Gold Thanksgiving Decor

Welcome to our home!  You are just in time for Thanksgiving dinner! But first let's check out the table.

This year I went with a white and gold theme with lanterns, mums, linens and more.

It was a beautiful sunny day, so I set it up outside to take in the view.

Starting with creamy white vintage crochet tablecloth and then layered it with a white chenille table runner

Touches of gold in the pots, pumpkins and candlesticks with white & twig pumpkins plus faux flowers

A mix of old and new pieces blend together well.   If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, I have links on my blog just click below.

Sweater pumpkins and a faux sunflower garland adorn the trunk behind the outdoor sofa. I know what you are saying - who cares about the pumpkins - look at that view!

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