Coastal Decor Ideas Outdoor Seating Areas Inspired by "Big Little Lies"

Who else loved "Big Little Lies"? The setting, the variety of characters and the mystery all made it one of my favorities!

On my blog, I shared a memorable quote from each character then created a seating area for each of the them, so let's dive in.



"Sometimes I’m just holding onto this idea of perfection so tight; something has to give." Madeline

Madeline - Traditional Coastal

For Madeline, I created...

a traditional setting with a vintage embroidered tablecloth, decor in soft shades of blue all set in front of a picket fence.

"I will not not be rich." Renata

"I will not not be rich." Renata

Renata - Modern Coastal

Renata’s style is very modern and minimalist so I set up to gray loungers with a beach umbrella just to the side of our pool for Renata to relax in after a long day of work.

"This can happen to anyone." Celeste

Celeste - Big Sur Coastal

Celeste’s outdoor living areas are moody and minimalistic. For Celeste,  I created a sexy outdoor bar. The live edge bar countertop is in keeping with the natural elements used in Celeste’s home. Simple accessories provide the sultry and mysterious atmosphere that surrounded Celeste’s home.

"Sometimes when I’m in a new place. I get this sensation. Like, if only I were here."  Jane

Jane - Cottage Coastal

Jane’s seating consisted of our swing bed as I could imagine her cuddled up with her son, Ziggy, swinging away and discussing what had happened at school and planning their next craft project.

"None of us really see things as they are, we see things as we are."  Bonnie Bonnie is a down-to-earth woman who is connected with all things natural so I created this simple seating area for her to mediate in.

Bonnie - Boho Coastal

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