Dream home office makeover on a budget


With how much time we spend working, isn't having a beautiful, functional space to work in a great investment?


- you will get more done in less time - your home will be worth more and sell faster when it comes time to sell - it can double as a guest room or craft or exercise room if you design it well

Steps to design a functional home office: 1. Determine what tasks you will carry out in the office; 2.  Make an inventory of all equipment, materials and furniture along with sizes; 3.  Measure the room and sketch a floor plan; 4.  Place furniture and equipment to create a good work flow; 5.  Once you have a plan, lay it out on the floor of your office with tape and see if it works.

Storage Idea:  make sure you have enough.  Consider converting a closet into office storage.

Tips to save money: 1. Shop your own home - especially your storage - you might find a treasure; 2.  Send a message to family and friends sharing your wish list - perhaps they have something they were going to get rid of; 3.  Check out thrift stores and online marketplaces; 4.  Consider shelving units from stores such as Home Depot or Ikea; 5.  Never forget the dollar store for small items.

Storage Ideas:  drawer sets like the one below are an excellent option for storage.

Storage:  if your office is doubling as an art studio, consider dollar store storage containers like this one for paint brushes, felts, etc.

Tip 3

Don't just hang a regular cork board - get one with a wide frame so that it looks custom and more art-like.

Ensure that you get a good quality chair with support.  Bonus points for finding a good looking one!

This beautiful table was once a tobacco leaf sorting table.  I found it on Facebook marketplace and saved a lot of money!

Invest in pretty decor like stylish file folders, a beautiful daytimer and a pretty pencil caddy!

Don't forget about plants!