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Easy back of chair wreath diy perfect for fall

Back of chair wreaths are such an easy way to bring seasonal touches to your home.  This diy is not only easy it is inexpensive!

Let me show you how!

Supplies: - 4x 8" rope or grapevine wreaths - mini white picket fence - 12 mini sunflowers - 2 inch green burlap ribbon - hot glue gun and glue - wire cutters and scissors - twine

Step 1 - With wire cutters, trim the picket fence to fit and glue securely to the back of the wreath.

Step 2:  Cut 3 sunflowers of varying heights and glue to the back of the picket fence.

Step 3:  Add leaves to stems and through fence.

Step 4:  Create a simple bow and cut the tails of the bow to lool like leaves.

Step 5:  Glue bow to top of wreath.

Step 6:  Glue a small piece of twine to the top of the wreath as a hanger.

Step 7:  Wrap a piece of ribbon around the top horizontal piece of the chair and tie securely. Then glue on a command hook.

Step 8:  Slide the twine hook on the top of the wreath onto the command hook.


I hope you enjoyed this project!  To see how I styled the rest of the kitchen, just click on the link below.

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