easy but beautiful

He is Risen Easter Tablescape


Materials: – large bowl or dough bowl.  – soil – 3 crosses – burnt umber acrylic paint – one small terracotta pot – round rock just a bit bigger than the size of the top of the pot – small piece of white cloth or a tissue – moss – small faux flowers – rocks or vermiculite

If your crosses are light wood crosses give them a light wash of brown paint to make them more realistic.

Dampen your soil so that it will hold a form, but not too much that it is dripping. Then place it in your base and create a hill on one side.

Paint your pot black and the place is on it's side at the base of the hill.  Place a round rock beside it.

Insert the crosses on top of the hill.

Place moss on top of the pot and soil but do not go up the hill. Fold a piece of tissue or a small cloth and then place it inside the pot.

Place small flowers in the moss.

Set the table with a vintage tablecloth and other neutral items such as rattan charger plates, ivory dishes, tan napkins, wood bead napkin rings and gold cutlery.

Happy Easter!

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