Cherry blossom wreath DIY

Cherry blossom branches are a sure sign of spring and oh so pretty! Come along as I share this project, but please know that the instructions on my website are much more thorough.  If you would like more instructions, just click below.


- wood heart wreath form - white & pink paint - faux cherry blossom branches - ribbon

Basecoat the entire wood heart pink.  Let dry. With watered down white paint dab the paint on so it becomes cloud-like.

Lay out branches in a pleasing manner. Then glue the base into the bottom of the heart.  Glue blossoms onto the wreath where they cross the wood.

Continue gluing cherry blossom branches in place.

Do not overfill because cherry blossom branches are not solid when growing on the tree.  They are wispy and delicate.

Push the ribbon through and glue on the back securely.

Tie a bow or bows at the top.

Enjoy! It will look great hanging on a door, window, mirror, etc.