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Heart shaped cake

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Make something sweet for your sweetheart

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Ingredients & supplies: – Cake box mix of your liking and whatever it calls for such as water/milk, eggs and oil – Butter, vegetable oil, cooking spray or other nonstick spray – Whipped cream or Cool Whip – Strawberries – Heart-shaped cookie cutters – Bamboo skewer – Glass baking dish – Hand mixer

Follow directions on cake box to make the cake.  Leave to cool.  Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut heart shapes into the cake.

Top Coffee

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These cakes are about 3.5 inches wide.

Place one cake on a small pretty plate.  Place a layer of whip cream on top.  Place another heart of cake on top and ice the entire cake with whip cream.  If it is sliding put a long, bamboo skewer in to hold.

Empire State - New York, NY

One of my favorite restaurants is on the bottom floor.

Empire State Building

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Wash strawberries, remove stems and cut notch in top of strawberries.

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Cut strawberries into slices

Place strawberry slices around base of cake and a few on top.

I just need someone to share this moment...

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Set a pretty table & enjoy!

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