How to create a haunted house easily & inexpensively!

First, set the mood by covering any lights with red or purple tissue paper or cellophane.  Be sure to check the temp of the lights though.  Ours our LED so they don't emit heat and are safe.

Next, it is time to dig deep into your storage areas, check out your old linens and decor and create a haunted old house right in your very own home! Look for old books and bookends...

Vintage silver and wood items like this goblet and writing tablet. Also, dried flowers like these roses will give the appearance that they were left to dry in this spot as the owner suddenly disappeared with no time to put them in a vase.

Silver candlesticks, trays and barware like old liquor bottles, glasses, decanters, etc. are great for setting up a haunted style bar.

Mirrors with detailed ironwork will fit right in with your haunted home vibe.

Vintage bottles and a scale like those shown here are fun to use in interesting ways.

Now a few diy's...

Wrap up pillows and blankets in the shape of a body, then cover with cobwebs, & hand from a railing for a spider snack.

Get an old painting, remove the canvas, paint it black, then glue a plastic skeleton head and hands as if they are emerging from the canvas.  Then cover with cobwebs and reframe.

Drape a chandelier with creepy fabric from the $ store and then swap out the lightbulbs for plastic skeleton heads.

For all the details and so many more ideas and diys check out my full post by clicking below.