Easy concrete bunny diy & floral arrangement


Materials: - Cement mix - Water - Container and stir stick - Silicone mold

Mix according to instructions - tap to get air bubbles out.  Let dry for at least 24 hours

Once dry gentley remove from mold

Paint to your liking

Next let's make a little garden for the bunnies to live in

Materials: Oasis, moss, large container like a tool box, dried grass, silk flowers, terracotta pots, paint and ribbon

Fill the base of the container with oasis or foam.  Cover with moss.

Starting with the tallest grass, place at back and then place shorter flowers in front.

Brush white paint on terracotta pots to make them look aged.

Stuff some moss in the smallest pot and then place a carrot in it. Turn another pot on its side and place a bunny in it.

Place more flowers and shorter pieces of grass in amongst the bunnies.

Complete with bow and style around the exterior of the tool box.

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