how to create an elegant christmas wreath

Materials: - 30" Grapevine wreath form - Krylon Fusion All-In-One Metallic Silver spray paint - Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect spray paint - 12  5″ round clear plastic ornaments - 13 2.5″ round clear plastic ornaments - White ostrich feathers - 2 yards of ostrich feather trim - Fancy silver ribbon - Scissors - Glue gun and glue sticks

Spray the grapevine wreath with silver metallic spray paint.  Let dry.

Lay the ostrich feather trim along the bottom portion of the wreath.  Half facing up and half facing down. Secure to wreath. Place 3 ostrich feathers on the left side and secure with glue.

- Remove all of the caps from the plastic ornaments. - Find little risers that will hold them in place like spray paint lids. - Spray the side with the open hole first as this will be the bottom.  Let dry.

Flip over and spray the other side.   If there are any runs, wipe up immediately. Let dry.

Starting with the largest round ornaments, place them along the wreath leaving spaces.  Glue into place.

Fill in with the smaller ornaments.  Make sure that the ostrich feather trim comes through in between the bulbs.

Loop a large ribbon through the top of the wreath and secure to the top of your door.

Style the rest of your front entrance and then... Enjoy!!!