A Functional Mudroom Loaded With Style

Our mudroom before... Messy and uninspiring!

This was a temporary fix while we finished the rest of the house but as soon as we had time, we came up with a plan.

We measured the space and designed 4 spaces, one for each member of the family. For all the details and instructions please click below.

Using MDF and primed half jam trim we created this. The upper portion will hold baskets for smaller items, the lower portion will be for shoe storage.

Next step:  Caulking and filling of holes and then sanding.

Picking a paint color is typically difficult but painting large paint samples makes choosing much easier. If you are interested in the color we chose, click on the link below.

Painting with a professional paint sprayer ensures a smooth finish.

Large sturdy hooks are a must for bulky winter jackets.

Strong wire baskets with white inserts are perfect for storing smaller items.

It looks great at Christmas too!