spooky pumpkin lantern diy

Materials: – 5 pieces of black cardstock paper (8.5 inches wide x 11.5 inches long) (250 GSM is the ideal choice) – dollar store Halloween tablecloth – plain glass candleholder – battery operated candle – white tissue paper – glue stick or glue gun – ruler, scissor, pencil

With black cardstock paper, measure out the above two panels according to the measurements above and below. You will need 6 panels in total.

When you have the panels cut out, fold in half.

Measure in 1/2 inch from the outside flaps and cut out the inside.

This is how they will look once cut out but they will be black.  You will need six of them.

Lay the paper panel on top of the tablecloth, trim the fabric to 1/2 inch outside the panel, then fold over and glue to the back of the panel.

Try to frame scenes with the panels.  Wrap the edges over and glue.

Trace the top and bottom of your candleholder and cut the circles out.

Place the bottom circle on a flat surface.  Lay out the panels evenly around the circle & glue.  Make sure that the images are in the right orientation (ie not upside down).

Optional - cover the candleholder with tissue.  Next, pull each panel up and glue to top rim of candleholder.

Draw 2 pumpkin stems with a flap on the bottom, cut out and glue together.

Glue the two flaps at the bottom of the stem to the top circle.  Then twist the stem in a circular pattern.

Place the stem on top of the lantern, turn the candle on and enjoy!

Then style up your dining room  with spiders, cats, pumpkins, creepy draped material, etc.

For the table runner, I used a vintage shawl I found that matched the color scheme.

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