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Cute Easter Bunny Painting

Billy Rogers

You will need a canvas, acrylic paints, a bunny template, dried flowers, paint brushes, glue gun & glue sticks My canvas was 20" high x 16" wide

Painting the background

Paint the bottom 1/4 of the canvas tan for the ground. For my sky, I applied watered down yellow in wide strokes across the middle and the same with pink near the top.  Then I blended them together with a sponge brush.

Find a bunny template

Trace around the bunny, then basecoat in white paint.

Basecoat the bunny in white, then add in details with a light colored marker.  Paint the inside of the ears, nose and mouth in pink.

Basecoating and adding details

Paint in some grey fur and details.  Don't worry this will be covered by white fur.  This just gives depth.

Using a size 0 round brush, paint in whisps of why fur.  Start at the top of the bunny and work your way down so you don't drag your hand through the wet paint.

Paint in fur on face and body.  Add eyelashes and wiskers in black.  Add a dash of white in the eyes.

Glue on grasses to frame bunny.  Then add dried roses.  Lastly, blue on a few dried rose petals at the bottom.

Glue on pressed sweet peas to finish the garden.

Next style and enjoy!

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