How to make the most beautiful wall planter

Find an interesting piece that you can fill with moss and soil and plant

step 1

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Gather your materials: Planter, coconut coir sheet, fresh moss, soil, plants of your choice

Lay your planter on the coconut coir sheet and trace the backing.  Cut to fit.

step 2

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With the planter on it's back, pour soil in onto the backing.

Place moss on top of the soil and work from the bottom up.

step 3

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Working from the bottom up, place plants in with a small distance to the next plant to allow them to fill in. Continue to place moss in between plants.

Continue to fill with plants and moss.

step 4

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When you get to the top, put a thick layer of moss in so that the soil does not spill over.

Plant upright flowers at the top of the wall planter.

step 5

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Reducing food waste and composting are great ways to offset your footprint. Find a community compost station near you.

Watch it grow and enjoy!

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