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How to Paint a Winter Scene on a Mirror!

Pick a mirror - it can be small or large.  I wanted a statement piece so I picked a mirror that is approximately 7 ft tall by 2 ft 2" wide.

Let’s get started!

Find a photo that inspires you and use it to plot your design

Sketch out your design Attach on the mirror or next to the mirror so that you can follow it as you paint

Moon:  Use a bowl and outline it and then fill it in with white paint

Trees:  Using various shades of grey and black, paint in trees

To paint the birch tree, dip your sponge brush into white paint and then in a softly swooping stroke, paint onto the mirror.  Do not worry that it will not be solid.  This mimics the bark on a birch tree.

Hills:  To get the effect of one hill in front of another, make sure the white paint is thicker and solid at the top of the hill and fades to the bottom.  When the next hill is painted, repeat, so that the top of the hill is solid white and stands out against the faded white of the hill above it. Moon haze:  Dip a wide paint brush (1 inch) into white paint and then dab off on paper towel.  Then lightly stroke in a circular motion around the moon.

Here is a closer look at the trees so you can see the varying designs Snowflakes:  I mixed white paint with sparkles and dabbed it on thickly.

Branches:  Paint branches on in a greyish white.  Then paint a coating of snow on top with white paint and glitter.

Use the Right Flour


Get good bread flour. It’s ground specifically for making bread! 

Birds in front of moon: Paint a simple silhouette in black

Temperature and Yeast


Make sure your liquid is between 95 degrees F and 115 degrees F when adding to yeast.

Style with a large wire candleholder or other simple accessories

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