Thoroughly clean the mirror and tape off the edges of the frame. Design a winter scene and then plot it on the mirror with a light gray or white felt pen.

MOON & TREES - Fill the moon in solid white paint.  For this section you will need light grey, medium grey and black paint. Start with the trees that are the furthest away and use the light grey paint. I used a size 0 paint brush for the trees.  Let the paint dry. Then add medium grey trees and let them dry. Lastly do a few black trees, which will make them appear closer.

HILLS - Create rolling hills of snow by using white paint and a sponge brush. Start at the bottom and make sure that at the top of the hill the paint is the thickest and it fades to the bottom of the hill. This creates dimension between the hills.

TREE - Using a wide sponge brush for this application in a swooping motion will result in what looks like birch bark. Start at the bottom and on the left side of the tree as we are going to make the paint the thickest on this side so it stands out beside the snow. Drag the sponge brush to the right in a slightly swooping fashion to create the roundness of the tree.

HAZE AROUND MOON - To create the haze around the moon, we will be using a dry brush technique. I used a size 8 paint brush. Dab the brush into white paint and then run the brush back and forth on a paper towel to remove the excess. Lightly paint the haze around the moon. It is best to start off very light and add more until you are happy with the look. As you paint around and around the moon, make sure that the haze gets lighter and lighter the further you are away from the moon until there is none at all.

MORE TREES - Then add a few more trees in black on a few of the hills more up front. Spend some time with these trees and give them more details – fine branches, hanging boughs, dead branches, height, and thicker trunks. 

BIRCH TREE DETAILS - Next add random stripes of black to the trunk of the birch tree. I have noticed that sometimes the birch bark has opened up in areas. To give this effect paint an oval on it’s side with lines extending from it. Make sure the oval is not perfect, make it a little rough.

BRANCHES - Next add branches. Base coat the branch in very thick light grey paint. Mix an ample amount of pure white paint with white glitter to form the snow. Place the glittery snow very heavily on the top of the branches.  Add a few snow flakes.

Add branches up and down the tree.

BIRDS - I painted two black two small birds cuddling on a branch that runs in front of the moon so they were silhouetted and became the focal point. The birds are created by painting two round circles at the top for their heads, an oval in the middle for their bodies and narrow triangles for their tails.

ENJOY! While this may seem difficult it really is easy.  Come over to my blog to get more thorough instructions and you can create this too!

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