Easy DIY to turn out-dated Chrismtas houses into sweet gingerbread houses

Have you collected Christmas houses over the years and now find yourself with a variety of mismatched decor that looks so out of date? Let me show you how to transform them into something you will love!

Materials needed: – ceramic Christmas house – ceramic Christmas house accessories such as trees, bridges, signs, etc. – wood trees – DecoArt Crafter’s Acrylic paint in Tan – white acrylic paint – white sharpie marker or Trimbrite Tire Lettermate pen in white – Air-Dry Clay in white – flat paint brushes – 1 inch wide and 1/4″ inch wide

Basecoat your houses & other pieces in tan acrylic paint.  Let dry.

Apply clay to roof.  Wet the clay and smooth it together.  Let dry.

Once the clay is fully dry, paint it white.  Also paint any other areas that snow would have fallen like on the ground. Touch up any tan areas if white clay or paint has gotten where it shouldn't.

Add the details

With a white pen emphasize the details such as trim, moldings, window and door frames, etc.  If your house is plain, add dots, hearts and squiggles.

I chose to keep it pretty simple, but if you like lots of detail go for it!

Basecoat the entire tree in tan.  Add white clay as snow.

Next up - transforming the trees

Paint the edges white and add detail to the front.  Paint the snow white.

Paint the bridge completely tan.

Next up - any accessories you are using like my little bridge.

Finish by painting snow where it would naturally land.

Time to style! Set your pieces up in a pleasing manner on a shelf, china cabinet or table. Add flocked trees, snow, twinkle lights and flaked glitter snow.

Many of these houses come with a lightbulb to light up the house.   Be sure to add it back in, cover the cord with snow and light it up!

If you have a bridge, add in a strip of tinfoil to make it look like a frozen creek. Sprinkle with snow.

I hope you liked this project.   Be sure to check out my whole website which is filled with diy's, home and garden design and other inspiration!


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