A Front Door Wreath Alternative

Materials needed:

- wooden box/purse/clutch - oasis and moss - white roses and slim lilac flowers - cute ribbon in a lilac or soft green - paint in beige, and two shades of green - pearl ribbon - glue gun and scissors

A Front Door Wreath Alternative

Basecoat in DecoArt Desert Sand

Measure out a 1/4" stripe, then a 3/32" space, repeat 2x.  Leave a 1/2" after the third stripe and then measure out 3/32" stripes with 3/32" spaces. Repeat alternating larger and thinner stripes.

Paint the vertical lines in with DecoArt Hauser Light Green paint with a  1/4" flat brush. Then paint three 1/4" horizontal lines in Basics 'brilliant purple'. Leave a 1/2" between each set of three lines.

Paint the handle in purple. Make sure the lines aren't solid.  This is supposed to look vintage and old.

Hot glue a piece of oasis in and then place hot glue on front so that the door glues shut into place

Hot glue moss to top and sides so that the oasis does not show when the clutch is closed

Glue in a pearl ribbon to hold clutch about 2 inches wide

This is how it should look

Insert tall lilac flowers at the back with white roses in front.  Cascade a few white roses down the front.

Glue sides of decorative ribbon on both sides of clutch.  This ribbon will act as the strap and a holder of the clutch.

Click below for all of the instructions

Click below for all the instructions