Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

I even surprised myself with this unique fall planter!

I was on a road trip by myself which allowed me to stop in at some of my favorite thrift shops.

One is located far in the country and filled with treasures from old farms like old gas cans, metal buckets, milk cans, troughs, etc.


After much searching, I found a beautiful old chicken feeder with lifelong signs of age and use but still in good shape and not falling apart.  Perfection!!!

I love the small notch above the pocket.

I pondered whether to make it into a water feature or a planter and settled on a planter.  Next I gathered together soil and upright and trailing flowers and vines.

I gave it a good wash and removed any leftover feed and loose rust.  As it was so old it had it's own drainage holes already so I placed a layer of filter cloth on the bottom to catch the soil and then filled with soil.

Next came arranging the plants and then planting them.


When it came to the top of the feeder, I did not want to fill it all with soil so I stuffed it full of twigs, branches, etc., and then covered it with plastic to keep the soil from going through all the branches and being lost at the bottom.

Next I filled it with soil, watered it down and filled it again.

Lastly, I filled the top with an abundance of upright and trailing flowers in warm fall colors.

Then I looked for cute places to display it like my old wicker garden chair.

Or on my rustic rock stairway.  Either place it looked great.   I hope you enjoyed the project.  For all the details and more inspo click below.


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