Modern Fall Decor with Vibrant Colors

Want to perk up your usual fall decor? Tired of predictable bails of hay, cornstalks, pumpkins and mums? How about adding vibrantly colored kale and ornamental cabbage to your modern fall decor? It is so easy and the entire color spectrum is at your disposal.

In an empty spray bottle mix 1 part Gloeckner Fantasty Colors and 9 parts ethanol. Shake well before each use.

Application Lay out a tarp or large piece of plastic to protect your floor. Make sure your kale or cabbage is dry. Then liberally spray the plant with the color dye mixture.


While still wet, shake glitter on to the plant so that it sticks to the dye mixture.

Such a variety of colors!

The beauty of the Fantasy Colors is that they come in a wide variety of colors and can be mixed to create your own color.

The color of cabbage determines the intensity of the end result, like this white cabbage with orange dye.

Another option is to spray the dye on heather, which soaks it up and turns very vibrant colors.

How to style

In a spooky Halloween tablescape with crows, eyes and pumpkins is fun!

Or a fall tablescape with white sunflowers and natural elements.

Here is another view.

Or outside at your front door in a grouping of three.