new wedding trend


A table for two!

Sweetheart Table

What is it?  Simply put, it is a head table for only two - the bride and groom. Why?  This allows the bridal party to sit with their dates, family, etc., and it allows the bride and groom to have a little quality time on their special day!


Start with the backdrop or structure defining the sweetheart table space like a pergola, area rug, mural, floral display, etc.

What are the key points?

Ideas of how to decorate the structure or backdrop: - drape sheer material from side to side tied with pretty ribbons - add twinkle lights - incorporate flowers overhead, on the posts or in arrangements

Dress up the chairs too with gold paint, cushions, flowers, signs on the back, etc.

Make sure the table decor is in keeping with the theme and color scheme of the wedding. Keep the table clear of clutter.  The bride's bouquet, candles and fancy glassware and dishes will be sufficient.

Now sit back and enjoy your special day!

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