Outdoor design ideas for a beautiful living space

After 11 large scale renovations and 2 new builds, we finally built our forever home.

As we live in a warm summer area, we spent extra time thoughtfully designing our outdoor living areas.

Here are our five favorite outdoor living areas

Infinity Edge Pool

Given the slope of our land and the beautiful view, an infinity edge pool was a must!

Swing Bed

This is one of our most popular places to sit at our home.  It is so relaxing!

Sunken Fire Pit

Given the strong winds at our property, we designed a sunken fire pit in an alcove as an area that we could relax in.

Outdoor Dining

We love eating outdoors so we designed an outdoor bar and an outdoor dining room.

Outdoor Lounge Area

Having an area to relax and visit or read a book is a definite must!

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