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The Best Garden Products to Invest In

Sweet Valley Acres

After 40 years of gardening, I have compiled a list of the best products to invest in for your garden.



Good quality soil, compost & fertilizer are the foundation of a successful garden, but beyond that, what are some investments you can make in your garden?

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1. Good quality fencing made of durable materials is a good investment because it cuts down on maintenance, provides support for vines and also keeps hungry deer out!

2. Good quality seeds from reputable growers with high germination rates.

3. Metal Raised Garden Beds because they last longer, look great and tall ones like these 32 inch ones keep rodents like marmots out and save your back!

4. Solar lights because they bring your garden alive at night and save on energy costs.

5. Cattle guard for arbors and vine supports because it is less expensive but very strong.

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6.  A greenhouse whether big or very small is great for getting seeds started early.

7. Sturdy garden tools to make the hard projects easier.

8. An obelisk to provide excellent support for climbing roses.

9. A garden trug to gather your flowers and veggies.

10. A beautiful wind spinner to provide an additional focal point.

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